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Lincoln Village
2211 West Campbell, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Jan 22, 2014 - pack619 said:
There are way to many roaches they dont fix nothing you will be waiting for a long time lots of crime in area i moving asap cant do another year here so i wouldn't recommend this to no one ...Full review of Lincoln Village
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Paradise Apartment Homes
16220 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Jul 9, 2010 - crocketd said:
I have lived here for a year (6/2009 to 7/2010). In that time I have witnessed drug buys, heard gun fire from the court across the driveway, had my a/c go out twice and had two different managements. The new management is worse that the old management in customer service. Last year (2009) when my a/c went out I spent three hours in my vehicle with my dog because no one returned my call to ...Full review of Paradise Apartment Homes
Rated Good:Grounds
According to the manager large dogs are allowed According to the manager small dogs are allowed
26 Reviews
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Windsor Palms
2990 W Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ 85054
Dec 21, 2013 - shellarella1 said:
I lived Windsor Palms from 2006- 2012 when I first moved in it was lush with green grass two working pools. Then the years went on no grass one pool that might not be green, Office staff was enjoyable until that Maggie manager came and no maintenance was done my apartment which one of the two two bedrooms they rent I paid $922.00 a month for sewage to constantly back up in my tub! Some one ...Full review of Windsor Palms
Rated Bad:SafetyConstructionMaintenance
26 Reviews
17% Recommended
Cactus Trail Apartments
2403 West Lone Cactus Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Feb 27, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
I lived here for 1 1/2 years, at first, yes things were great! Absolutely loved it. Then poo hit the fan and I mean it literally hit the fan. I got a dog and things went down hill from there. People started saying I never picked up after her, that she attracked other dogs, that she was mean, to big to be living there (she was a registered SERVICE DOG!) she was a red nose pit ...Full review of Cactus Trail Apartments
Rated Bad:GroundsSafetyNoiseMaintenance
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Whispering Pines Apartments
2601 North 36th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Sep 23, 2013 - said:
not pest free Warning bed bugs in all units,beds bye the trash every day from people throw away the furnture cant be controled coackroacks also in every unit maitence takes weeks to fix simple things my bath tube hot water been running for a week not dripping running full blast hot water its stuck on.I call the manager twice she said we dont have to pay water bill. but some one does/her ...Full review of Whispering Pines Apartments
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