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Greenway Springs Apartments
15620 North 25th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Dec 3, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
(BEWARE: EVIL MANAGER, DRUG DEALS, PROSTITUTION, GUN SHOTS ALMOST EVERY NIGHT) Everything about this place is absolutely terrible... just look at the ratings! Everyone else seems to agree. During my short time living there, my car was broken into, our door knob and peep hole fell off and the maintenance completely failed to repair it, the walls are paper thin (along with ...Full review of Greenway Springs Apartments
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Canyon Palms Apartments
6236 North Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85017
Jan 25, 2014 - godomighty said:
Drugs,everywhere,don't trust people in complex they will rob you blind.meth crack heroin dealer all day do give a dam.don't care at all.had drug deals in every apt.police called daily.homeless poam the grounds.child molesters male /females.on property.fights from people whoo don't live there.5 to 8 people living in a one bedroom apt.homeless druggies. ...Full review of Canyon Palms Apartments
Rated Bad:NoiseOffice Staff
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3550 East Campbell Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Oct 24, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
The manager at The Cascades has to be related to someone with the company....why would a company have such a disrespectful, sarcastic and uneducated person in this important capacity, working for them? This place is emptying out and corporate obviously does not care for whatever reason that might be, none of us know. I have been here 6 plus years - and seeing it go downhill is ...Full review of Cascades
Rated Good:Noise
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Papago Gardens
125 North 48th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Mar 14, 2014 - PapagoGardenHell911 said:
I live here. It is a complete sh*** show. They showed us an apartment with new paint, wood floors, completely upgraded. After waiting a month for our new apartment to be ready after being "updated" we sign the lease, walk to our new apartment so excited only to be completely let down at the first sight of walking into our home. It had old, dirty brown carpet, yellow ...Full review of Papago Gardens
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The Pointe at the Foothills
4424 East Baseline Road, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Jul 13, 2013 - lavarita said:
Moved in 2012 worst mistake ever...The only thing appealing about the "apartment home" is the curb appeal. Leasing Agents are great and provide excellent customer service, and the Maintenance at that time was friendly and spoke to you by name if they knew you. However, Management is unprofessional, curt. The new hires for the maintenance are no communicative or friendly. ...Full review of The Pointe at the Foothills
Rated Bad:Safety
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