3240 SW 34th Street, Ocala, FL 34474
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 3/29/2012
Years at this apartment: -
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Disorganized management team and inconsistent accounting and billing. They nickle-and-dime you after leaving with -------- fines and fees, and are quick to threaten legal action over insignificant sums of money. In my case, after I moved out and paid my full balance, they later claimed I owed hundreds of dollars in electric and cleaning bills. No one ever called or emailed me to explain the charge, or to request payment. Instead, they sent a threatening letter. I called up to challenge the fees, and when they re-checked their accounting, the number I "owed" dropped to under $200. Further investigation on their part lowered the number even further, to $80. I have no confidence in their accounting and billing, and expressed my frustrations to the property manager, whose response was: "It was human error. Don't you ever make mistakes at your job?"

Customer service and appreciation? Weak

Last updated: 3/29/2012

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 04/13/2012
undoubtedly.. you must have broken your lease.. and it clearly states when you .. "agree" in the lease.. if you sign it.. and read it.. and I listened like everyone should.. gee .. if I am moving into a place.. and signing a lease.. you know.. it does pay to listen to what the lease says.. that when you move before the lease is up.. there is a penalty to pay.. so.. don't break the lease.. and don't leave a mess.. hhmm.. but here again.. some people.. just don't listen.. and never learn.. probably not the first time this has happened to you.. and won't be the last.. hhmm.. take this as a lesson.. and try to learn something...
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From: maybebutnotsure Date: 10/21/2012
the anonymous post above (and all other anonymous replies to negative comments) sound like perhaps it was written by a vested party..like hmmm...the management perhaps?
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