12900 Waterford Woods Circle, Orlando, FL 32828
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From: JJJH3
Date posted: 1/18/2010
Years at this apartment: 2009 - 2010
During the day there's a lot of parking space but during the night you're lucky if you find a parking space near your building. I live in the 2nd floor so I can hear EVRYTHING. When my neighbors go out when they are running up and down the stairs, I hear when they answer their door, when their cellphone vibrates [they put it on top of a table and I guess the movement makes noise on my roof] I hear when my side top and lower neighbors are taking a bath, when they're vacuuming and yes, I HEAR THEM HAVING SEX ON BOTH MY ROOMS. I even had to call the cops because they where making noise at 3 in the morning and for a week straight they where waking my baby, my husband and me because of the noise. If you call the office they say they can't prohibit them from moving and notices are unanswered and when I went to talk to them about it, she said she received none. The manager is never there and when I call she puts me on hold for more than 30 mins. The few maintenance workers are always picking up dog poop and cigarette ends. The gym is never open and everything in there is broken. Everyone can go in and out as many times as they like, noone is supervising the entrance and a couple of times there has been "fights" and screaming people. Also, if you're out of your apartment for something other than checking your mail or taking out the trash, you're littering. My roof has marks like it was going to fall on me but it looks like it can hold until I move out. Maintenance is prompt but don't fix problems, they work something around it. Staff in the office are aggressive and ignorant.

Last updated: 1/18/2010

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