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Courtney Chase Apartments
1100 Courtney Chase Circle, Orlando, FL 32837
Oct 7, 2013 - gladys1958 said:
apartment is in mint conditions, comfortable quiet and relaxing. ...Full review of Courtney Chase Apartments
Rated Good:GroundsMaintenanceParkingConstruction
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Landmark at Lake Ellenor
(formerly Pinehurst Park Apartments)
2100 West Oak Ridge Road, Orlando, FL 32809
Dec 22, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I lived here for 4 years and never had an issue! The staff were always helpful--maintenance orders, questions, etc. There was always plenty of parking spaces, the landscaping and grounds were very nice. Never any trash just thrown everywhere. Very nice. The interiors were nice as well. All the appliances worked! If anything broke or needed to be fixed, maintenance was usually out ...Full review of Landmark at Lake Ellenor
Rated Good:ParkingGroundsMaintenanceOffice Staff
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72% Recommended
Chowder Bay
4700 S Rio Grande Ave, Orlando, FL 32839
Dec 13, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I have been here since Sept. I hate it. I have a newborn son & i have asked many many times to have my heat fixed. Their response is "we have 2 maintenence workers & we are backed up...we will get to you." There are ants/roaches/spiders EVERYWHERE & pest control comes every Thursday & all they do is bait them, not exterminate. The laundry facility is always broken. 2 men fire 5 ...Full review of Chowder Bay
Rated Good:ParkingGroundsOffice StaffNoise
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72% Recommended
Sawgrass Apartments
2859 S Conway Rd, Orlando, FL 32812
Dec 27, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
Nice place, except for the prostitution ring operating here. We've been living here for several years and the neighborhood has really gone downhill in the past year. What used to be a nice, friendly complex with neighbors that you could trust and be comfortable with has become someplace we can't wait to leave. There is actually a brothel operating in one of the buildings (Bldg ...Full review of Sawgrass Apartments
Rated Good:ParkingGroundsNoiseSafety
57 Reviews
72% Recommended
Colonial Grand at Heather Glen
13184 Heather Moss Drive, Orlando, FL 32837
Oct 19, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I consider myself to be a level-headed person, but this place has make me snap on multiple occasions. I have been living here for well over a year now and I can't wait until my lease expires. I have a larger 1/1 apartment upstairs and have had multiple issues with bugs/lizards/frogs IN my apartment. Mostly due to the fact that the seals on the doors is poor/has been installed poorly. I ...Full review of Colonial Grand at Heather Glen
Rated Good:MaintenanceParkingGroundsOffice Staff
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