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Colonial Grand at Heather Glen
13184 Heather Moss Drive, Orlando, FL 32837
Oct 19, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I consider myself to be a level-headed person, but this place has make me snap on multiple occasions. I have been living here for well over a year now and I can't wait until my lease expires. I have a larger 1/1 apartment upstairs and have had multiple issues with bugs/lizards/frogs IN my apartment. Mostly due to the fact that the seals on the doors is poor/has been installed poorly. I ...Full review of Colonial Grand at Heather Glen
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KnightsBridge At StoneyBrook
2802 Cheval Street, Orlando, FL 32828
Apr 6, 2014 - Tis1986 said:
I have lived here for two years with my husband and daughter and if we hadn't had the opportunity to purchase a home we would be resigning our lease. We have lived in several different apartment complexes throughout Orlando and they cannot even hold a candle to what Knightsbridge has to offer. The apartments are spacious and beautiful. We've lived in both 2/2 floorplans - if you can ...Full review of KnightsBridge At StoneyBrook
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Mallard Cove at Conway
(formerly Habitat Apartments)
2504 South Conway Road, Orlando, FL 32812
Jun 27, 2013 - butterfly407 said:
I have been a resident here for 5yrs now. It's no longer called Mallard Cove, It's The Park Cambridge Apartments. New management, updated everything, including the grounds. It's very spacious, peaceful, very tranquil and relaxing. You won't be disappointed. Relaxing at the pool is nice, has a nice view no matter what part of the complex u live in, ...Full review of Mallard Cove at Conway
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The Lofts
(formerly Jefferson Lofts)
1805 Loftway Circle, Orlando, FL 32817
Apr 9, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
this place absolutely sucks. period.simple as that. there is nothing positive to say about the experience living here besides the fact that we get to leave and live somewhere else soon.DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!! ...Full review of The Lofts
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Mission Bay Apartments
3378 Mission Lake Dr, Orlando, FL 32817
Dec 29, 2013 - Verified Resident said:
Treat your residents with respect.

Likes and Dislikes: The people at the apartment complex seem to care but they don't. Will lie to get you to move in. Show you the best apartment then when you go to rent its a totally different apartment. They have boars and racoons running around the apartments. I was told there were not alot of college students only to find out that was a lie. The ...Full review of Mission Bay Apartments
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