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Silver Pines Apartments
5402 Pine Chase Dr, Orlando, FL 32808
Jun 15, 2013 - 2ccmg.sc@gmail.com said:
I am currently a resident here, The apartments are very nice apartments however the tenants do not care.. This is a low income housing subsidize and all I can say is Im mocing the 1st of August.. My neighbors they play there music so loud at the hours you wouldnt believe and as aIm typing in building #4 is the craziest thing, when you asked them to please adjust your music you are trying ...Full review of Silver Pines Apartments
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Harbor Beach Condominiums
(formerly Harbor Pointe)
5757 Five Flags Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822
Apr 1, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
This plece is the worse I ever seen, the plumbing is bad, the closest doors are bad and maintenence are just a bunch of puerto ricans brainless that have no ideas what the doing!!! If u move in here u be sorry and ur shoes will be full of dog waste every day... Bad Bad Bad, can't wait till my lease is up!!!!!!!! ...Full review of Harbor Beach Condominiums
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Tuscany Bay Apartments
5870 Sundown Circle, Orlando, FL 32822
Nov 22, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
From: Sick from living there PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE....... I moved in this complex in March 2013 and end up breaking my lease in 3 months. where di I begin, the maintenance team is the worst, I really don't think they even know how to replace a light bulb, furthermore fix anything in an apartment and I'm not trying to be funny. the whole management team is a bunch ...Full review of Tuscany Bay Apartments
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Knight's Krossing
12101 Knights Krossing Circle, Orlando, FL 32817
Apr 18, 2011 - mches89 said:
I lived at this Apartment complex for 2 years despite the dozens of horror stories I heard. The first year was fine no major problems, other than it was a bit pricey. Later that year half the buildings were found to be infected with toxic amounts of mold. Around this same time I came into possession of a service dog that I was raising. Anyways our building "wasn't infected" but we ...Full review of Knight's Krossing
Rated Good:Parking
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Bonita Fountains Apartment Homes
(formerly Eaglewood Apartments)
5826 PGA Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801
Mar 3, 2014 - ndewana said:
Apartments are nice,well the one i live in,but i cant say the same for the staff at the leasing office,they are very rude,just after your money and they dont care about you.they are so unprofessional,one lady had the audacity to tell me to wait until she orders her stupid food coz she was hungry,really infront of a client.i regret renewing my lease this year but next ...Full review of Bonita Fountains Apartment Homes
Rated Bad:Office StaffSafety
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