6202 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33615
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12/17/2013Horrible! they want to go up $20 on my rent they haven't fixed a thing but the parking lot and put paint on the outside of the apartment buildings they haven't fixed the gym in four years its infested with bugs and cockroaches everytime you call maintenance they never come and for almost $900 a month this place is a piece of trash.there is mold black mold growing in the bathroom someone has cut the bike chain and stolen my bikeI can hear my neighbors through the walls.I will be so happy to leave this place is not worth the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/01/2013Roach infestation and bad mold problems that maintenance has refuses to do anything about. The mold in the bathtub was caulked over and now it is bubbling up from all the mold growing behind it. The mold and stains WILL ... Full ReviewNO2.0
08/30/2013I swear that negative review a few down sounds just like everything I have delt with since I have lived here. Definitely make them show you the actual apartment you will be moving into before you sign any lease. Worst ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/28/2013Great place to live. Office staff is always helpful and makes you feel at home. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
08/28/2013Amanda has been great! We hope we haven't driven her crazy with all our questions and stopping in 3 times! She has taken the extra time with us that we have needed to make sure this will be the right ... Full ReviewYES4.0
08/23/2013 Very pleased, ms Amanda was very helpful. I am very...YES3.0
08/13/2013 The place is awful. The only reason why these reviews on...NO1.0
07/31/2013 Great area, very clean, and quit from when I...YES5.0
07/30/2013 Beacon Isles is very well kept! I have had zero issues...YES4.0
07/30/2013 Beacon Isles offer safe, well kept and reasonably...YES5.0
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Beacon Isles is an apartment community located in Tampa , FL . It has also been known as Camden Isles . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Island Club ( 0.0 miles), Sheldon Palms ( 0.2 miles), and Candlewood Apartments Complex ( 0.3 miles).

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