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Post Gardens
1020 Lenox Park Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319
Jun 25, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I will start by saying that typically I don't write reviews unless I have a very strong opinion re: a situation and this case is no exception. I have lived at Post Gardens for 2 years and will not be renewing my lease. Although it is in a wonderful location and close to work it has been by far the most unpleasant apartment living experience in my years in Atlanta. I have long graduated ...Full review of Post Gardens
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The Goodwynn at Town Brookhaven
705 Town Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30319
Jun 28, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I have recently moved in and the apartment complex is gorgeous, clean and safe. I am sensing that the poor reviews were mainly due to when the Goodwyn opened leasing. The area is full of activity 7 days a week, police patrol the area, and the noise is only a factor on Friday/Saturday (duh). My answer to that is to get out and meet the people! The leasing staff are friendly, ...Full review of The Goodwynn at Town Brookhaven
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Vineyards of Browns Mill
2738 Vineyards Drive, SE, Atlanta, GA 30354
Jan 3, 2011 - rex2009 said:
**I have written alot, but the gist of it is that you really should read ALL The reviews listed, and really see what people are saying about this place. All the people who have NOT recommended it, i experienced the same problem, so its not BS. And the ones that did recommend it, read how its written...lmao...they basically say how nice the staff is, its such a great ...Full review of Vineyards of Browns Mill
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11 Reviews
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Oak Knoll Apartments
1797 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Aug 19, 2011 - -Anonymous- said:
I'll summarize, and then write more later: 1.) I couldn't get renter's insurance on this place. Everything is so outdated, no insurance company wanted to cover it. 2.) My water bills were SKY HIGH: around $70 a month for the smallest unit, and I'm not even home on average half the month! 3.) Bugs everywhere. 4.) Entry to some of the buildings does not lock, so ...Full review of Oak Knoll Apartments
Rated Bad:Office Staff
According to 100% of reviewers small dogs are allowed
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Sylvan Circle Apartments
1950 Sylvan Road SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Apr 3, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
I lived there from late 1995 to early 1999. The place was full of drug dealers. Neighbors downstairs, who where deaf, were beaten and robbed. No visible security, If you are thinking about moving there, don't do it!!! ...Full review of Sylvan Circle Apartments
Rated Bad:SafetyConstruction
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