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03/05/2014I have lived here a very short time and I am already thinking about breaking my lease and paying four months in advance just to get out of this cheap and disgusting hellhole. I wasn't allowed to view my apartment until the day of the lease signing, so since I had already given notice to my old property, me and my family were held in limbo. The manager would not budge on allowing us to see the place because she said that there was a lot of work that maintenance had to complete, but on the day of the lease ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/31/2013Have contacted management numerous times about major and minor issues since we moved. Little contact back from management and when I was contacted I was addressed with a very unprofessional attitude. Most recently we have been dealing with rodent problems ... Full ReviewNO2.0
11/10/2013This place is going to be filled with crime, noise and chaos. Howard county plans to turn this into the projects. Tons of low income city people are fixing to move in. Low income housing coming! It already has crime, ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/14/2013Do not move here. Likes and Dislikes: I didnt like the apartment the grounds were nasty, I had roachs and spiders coming into the apartment, there were birds living in the hallway, because of the lack of drainage water sat ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/13/2013I wouldn't recommend these apartments to anyone. Likes and Dislikes: The Verona at Oakland Mills has a bed bug problem and the guy they send to inspect your place bangs on your door and comes at you like he has ... Full ReviewNO2.0
07/09/2013 N/A Likes and Dislikes: So far, everything has been good...YES4.0
07/06/2013 Considering the recent event, I'd like to feel safer in...NO2.0
07/04/2013 Rt Likes and Dislikes: Peaceful neighborhood with poor...YES3.0
06/26/2013 Do not even think about moving here I wish i had did...NO3.0
06/19/2013 None Likes and Dislikes: The community is good for the...YES2.0
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The Verona at Oakland Mills is an apartment community located in Columbia , MD . It has also been known as Dorsey's Forge . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Grand Pointe ( 0.1 miles), Autumn Crest Apartments ( 0.2 miles), and Columbia Town Center ( 0.6 miles).

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