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From: morgans1219
Date posted: 2/11/2010
Years at this apartment: 2009 - 2010
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Just to clarify some of the other reviews, EVERY APARTMENT COMPLEX RAISES YOUR RENT AT THE END OF YOUR LEASE. I see so many of these reviews that say 'they raised my rent for no reason at all", these people must not have had an apartment ever before. Yes the parking is tight, but nothing the rental office can really do about that. People have cars, not a big suprise. It does get cold in the winter however we pay a set price for gas, so if you turn your heat up to 80 to keep yourself warm, its all the same price so why complain?? You can be warm for the same price that you are complaining about being cold. Maintinence has come out every time, when they said they would and to date I have had very small problems. Closet door wouldn't close, and I needed a new toilet paper dispense installed. Everything was done professionally and no one was rude. The girls at the rental office are all very nice. You can hear your neighbors however its not too much noise, it's just other people living around you because we are living in an...APARTMENT. Neighbors are friendly and yes the kids in my building make noise and run around but they are KIDS and this is an apartment complex not a retirement home. Oh and in regards to the "century old" appliances, I had brand new wall to wall carpeting(not an aplliance, I know), brand new dishwasher brand new stove, and a spotless refrigerator.

Last updated: 2/11/2010

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User Responses

From: goingtoleave Date: 02/11/2010
I think your short tenure deems you unfit to write a valid review. Let's see if you have the same glowing ratings for this after you have lived there for more than a year...
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From: donerenting677 Date: 02/12/2010
Apartments and the townhouses are quite different. The townhouses DO NOT have a set gas price. My BGE bill is astronomical because of all the drafty windows and doors that don't have weather stripping. I called about it before just to have the replace it and it tear off a month later. Try having your car damaged by the kids that are sitting on in, playing ball or riding bikes near your car, then act like they haven't done anything. My car has so many dent, scratches and scrapes it's ridiculous. The women in the office are absolutely rude and unfriendly even when you try to be nice. I'm not sure where you live but it's clearly not where I live...
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