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  One bedroom Henderson apartments currently rent for $721 to $972 per month. Henderson renters report average rents are down $58 per month this year.  


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14 Reviews
90% Recommended
Camden Legends
(formerly Oasis Glen)
2501 Wigwam Parkway, Henderson, NV 89014
Oct 18, 2013 - Verified Resident said:
Everything so far is good

Likes and Dislikes: Have not been here long enough to comment ...Full review of Camden Legends
Rated Good:Office StaffMaintenanceSafetyNoise
35 Reviews
84% Recommended
Camden Summit
(formerly Oasis Summit)
2675 Windmill Parkway, Henderson, NV 89014
Oct 21, 2013 - Verified Resident said:
Great Place To Call Home!

Likes and Dislikes: The beautiful and serene grounds, the apartment home and amenities, neighbors, locality of area and ease of getting to places, Camden Staff. ...Full review of Camden Summit
Rated Good:GroundsSafetyMaintenanceNoise
48 Reviews
82% Recommended
Camden Fairways
(formerly Oasis Club)
1851 North Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV 89014
Mar 19, 2014 - NuckyT said:
When I signed my lease they told me they recommend having the apt. sprayed for pests EVERY MONTH. The manger admits they have a roach problem and the pest control man told me as soon as it warms up the "water bugs" meaning big roaches will show up. There is a pigeon infestation that is so bad when the wind comes up, there are feathers flying all over outside - it looks like you are ...Full review of Camden Fairways
Rated Good:GroundsNoiseOffice StaffMaintenance
78 Reviews
57% Recommended
Camden Commons
(formerly Oasis Cliffs)
6530 Annie Oakley Drive, Henderson, NV 89014
Mar 1, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Love this place!! Friendly neighbors and kid friendly place!The maintenance crew and office staff are friendly and always willing to help me. ...Full review of Camden Commons
Rated Good:GroundsMaintenanceNoiseOffice Staff
32 Reviews
6% Recommended
Ventana Canyon
1250 American Pacific Drive, Henderson, NV 89014
Nov 22, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I moved here from Tacoma, WA and this is the worse apartments I have ever lived in. I don't know if many people have standards, but I do. When I arrived to my apartment my first mistake was signing the lease prior to my walk through because had I done my walk through in broad day-light I would have never rented this apartment. I just spent 3 days on the road driving to this hell hole ...Full review of Ventana Canyon
Rated Good:Parking
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Martinique Bay

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
Verified Resident says: The apartment community is really not bad compare to others. But lately it has been shall I say, not to good. Staff are still good, one in particular. First name is Rose. They need to replace burnt out flourescent lights on the covered parking areas. ..full review of Martinique Bay


recommend:YES | rating:5.00
Galleriadr14 says: Great apartment to live in with great staff, hardly ever would hear noise, and any issues that I had with the apartment they were addressed right away. This place doesn't feel like your living in a apartment feels more like a townhouse. It is very quiet, no trafficking and ..full review of Verona

Martinique Bay

recommend:NO | rating:2.00
Verified Resident says: The parking is horrible!!! And 8 am leaf blower outside my bedroom window on weds mornings that wakes up my newborn baby and my husband who works nights isn't good either but staff is very nice. Assigned parking spots would help because sometimes we have to park on the other side of the complex ..full review of Martinique Bay

Horizon Ridge Villas

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: These are THE WORST PEOPLE EVER! COMPLETE SCAM ARTIST! I left my house SPOTLESS, i even paid to have my carpets cleaned, no damages! They sent me a bill of $2,000 and gave me 10 days to pay it! I am taking them to court and going to the news! This needs to be stopped, I am not the ..full review of Horizon Ridge Villas


recommend:YES | rating:5.00
ina.sutton@yahoo.com says: My Husband and I moved from Bolingbrook Il, we viewed many apts, condos and houses for rent on line but when we arrived in Nevada to physically look at the properties, we were disappointed with many of them, we looked at the Verona and immediately knew we were at home, the apt ..full review of Verona


recommend:YES | rating:4.00
-Anonymous- says: We had a great time at the Easter Egg hunt today. ..full review of Terracina

Martinique Bay

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
Verified Resident says: I was impressed with the contact as I waited for my house to sell Brooklyn updated me weekly. the whole move in process was smooth and very well explained. I was even given help with the electronic process. I do have an issue with my carpet and hope that will be addressed as I get settled into my ..full review of Martinique Bay

Quest Apartments

recommend:NO | rating:3.00
Verified Resident says: Went down hill since new ownership(Clearly, it's ONLY about money). They basically will except ANY size dog (s). Pool needs to be closed by 10pm -NO LATER! (filthy language, and alcohol til ALL hours of the night/morning) The maintenance personnel are EXTREMELY polite and quick to respond to any ..full review of Quest Apartments

Horizon Ridge Villas

recommend:NO | rating:2.00
-Anonymous- says: Not military friendly. After ensuring that they would if needed, would break a lease due to active duty military orders they refused and we are having to fight them in court. Also their drug free policy seemed to be conveniently ignored if renters were paying their rent on time. ..full review of Horizon Ridge Villas


recommend:YES | rating:5.00
rentercode says: Terracina is GREAT place to live.I would recommend it to anyone. It is prefect if you have kids there are two play grounds for them to play in. And they will make friends fast. I just moved in and have been loving every bit of being here. It is great apartment to call home. Thanks Terracina Staff ..full review of Terracina

Galleria Palms

recommend:NO | rating:3.00
-Anonymous- says: I love being woken up by the landscapers at 9 in the morning after working all night long. They also blow leaves and dirt onto your car, how do they fix it? They take the leaf blower to your car and make it shiny again! This happens every morning and needless to say, on top of everything ..full review of Galleria Palms


recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: I moved to The Pines on a recommendation from a friend who had lived here. I've lived here for almost a year now, and have zero complaints. The place was squared away, and clean when I moved in. The apt. is spacious. The staff is easy to deal with. Maintenance is tended to quickly. ..full review of Pines

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