4707 East Upriver Drive, Spokane, WA 99217
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02/20/2014Never have I ever dealt with such rude people in my life! The management team is a joke! I have done property management before and I find this to be the worst place anyone could live. I have only toured the property as I have friends that live there and after hearing what they have all been through and experiencing this for myself I would not recommend anyone to live here. My friends have submitted numerous work orders to get finished and they never get done. They have had to call numerous times and still nothing gets done. DO NOT ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/04/2013After nine months of dealing with nightmare management, sketchy neighbors, and a less-than satisfactory day-to-day experience, I could not be happier to have moved FAR away from Beau Rivage. The leasing managers, referred to for anonymity purposes as B and ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/05/2012I'm kind of shocked by the low ratings here. The Beau was nothing special, but it was pretty cheap, everything worked, and there was tons of parking. I never had an issue with management and nothing ever needed to be ... Full ReviewYES4.0
11/20/2012This is the WORST place I've ever lived. The walls are paper thin-- I should not be able to hear my upstairs neighbor using the bathroom or full on conversations. What's even worse is the absolutely worthless management. I've NEVER ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/31/2011Don't do it. The complex is nice on the outside but like others have said, many fixtures along with the carpets need to be replaced at least every 2 years. They water the grass a few times a day, which ... Full ReviewNO2.0
08/30/2011 The Beau Rivage apartments are an awful place to live....NO1.0
05/26/2011 Don't be fooled. The Beau is made to look nice,...NO1.0
05/04/2011 This complex has some VERY bad odor issues because of...NO2.0
04/03/2011 I lived in this complex for about 6 months I think. I...NO2.0
07/11/2010 I've been living here for a year now. Yes, its...YES4.0
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Beau Rivage is an apartment community located in Spokane , WA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Cedar Green Apartments ( 0.9 miles), Sinto Apartments ( 2.6 miles), and Rockcliffe Apartments ( 3.4 miles).

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