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About Us

ApartmentRatings.com was founded in 2000 and is located in beautiful El Segundo, CA. ApartmentRatings.com is part of the Internet Brands Inc. family of sites.

ApartmentRatings.com is the largest online rating community for rental housing, reaching approximately 30% of apartment hunters nationwide, and is among the Top 5 most-visited apartment hunting sites in the world.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help renters make an informed renting decision.

As an independent resource for renters, ApartmentRatings.com's reviews provide a realistic insider's perspective of apartment communities because they are in renters' own words.

ApartmentRatings.com offers the largest and most comprehensive mapping of apartments online and renters can also use our detailed graphs to discover how much other renters in the same apartment community pay in rent.

Visit ApartmentRatings.com to get the insider's view before you sign your next lease.

How We are Different

  • More apartments
    We provide information about more apartments than any other online apartment hunting service. Since we don't charge communities to be listed on AparmentRatings.com, we can provide information about all communities, not just the ones who advertise.

  • More ratings and reviews
    We're the largest source for renter reviews of apartment communities.

  • Unbiased
    Unlike other online apartment hunting services (and even some ratings sites), we do not accept advertising from apartment owners and managers. Renters should never have to worry that we've removed information to please an apartment community. We serve renters, period.

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