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Reporting Abuse

If you would like our customer support team to evaluate a review, please read our Abuse Policy before continuing with your request.

Abuse Policy

ApartmentRatings.com does not filter or actively censor the reviews posted by the users of this web site. However, we will remove content (words, sentences, and in some cases the entire post) from the site when it violates the ApartmentRatings.com User Agreement, which describes our content standards.

Please bear in mind, many comments posted in online forums are highly opinionated. A negative opinion is not defamation-- and until a statement is proven to be a false statement of fact, we treat it as an opinion. As such, the accuracy or fairness of an opinion is typically NOT a basis for removal. If you have been advised that ApartmentRatings.com can be held liable for comments posted by users, please read our information for landlords.

For additional information about this site and our policies, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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