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Mallary Apartments
660 West 34th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99503
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For all of the complaining that people do about this place, they do not realize for the price they could be here or in mt. view and here is MUCH better. if you do want to move in, get a top floor unit. There are issues with noise in the playground a little too late and bums in the alley but again, you could be in mt. view. The grounds are very clean and so are the stairwells and anytime i have seen drug activity and complained, they have evicted the person within 2 months. Again, you could be in mt. view. They just came and replaced all of our bulbs with LEDS (no cost to us but saves us a ton) put in new everything and they check up on the place alot. They dont let people keep trash outside and are not ok with drug activity of any kind. The down sides are a lil noise, noisy neighbors yelling at each other (moms with kids and never later than 11pm) some drunks and it takes up to 24 hours to get ahold of the landlord but she is very nice. I think she is new to this kind of position so she is very busy alot of the time but she is so pleasant to work with its ok that she is a little behind. It might take her a lil extra time to get things fixed but I was paying 100 more per month at a place when the heat didnt work mid winter, they would not fix it, causing my 6 month old baby to get chilled. Their response? "I dont think your baby is going to die so shut up about it" and then threatened to evict us when we wouldnt shut up. SO again, there are issues with this place, but for the price, you cant complain too much really.

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