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Eagle Ridge
One Eagle Ridge Drive, Birmingham, AL 35242
1 User Response

I've lived in this community for about 4 months now and it's not bad but not great. I'll start with the good. The landscaping is very well done and regularly maintained along with the pool area and clubhouse. The apartments were built in 1981 but they are updated and look much newer than most 30 year old complexes. The community is pretty quiet and everyone I've met has been friendly but my upstairs neighbors are very loud and have dogs that run around all day. Now for the bad. The apartments are very poorly insulated, I can actually feel cold air coming out of the electrical outlets. The heating and air has to cycle on and off constantly (every 8-10 minutes) to maintain a comfortable temperature. The air handler is in my kitchen and is incredibly noisy, so much so that it's difficult to watch TV in the living room when it is running. I think the layout of my 1 bedroom apartment is a little awkward and a lot of usable living space was wasted but I saw that before I signed a lease so I hesitate to consider it a negative. I haven't measured it to confirm but I feel like the square footage claimed is grossly overstated based on the other apartments I've lived in. The fitness center is an absolute joke and it's a stretch to even call it a fitness center since it boasts one treadmill, one elliptical, and one weight machine. The exercise equipment is very poor quality, and mostly broken. The one plus is the racquetball court. They charge you a mandatory $40/month for basic cable and require you to obtain liability insurance to install a satellite dish. You also get charged around $12/month for valet trash service and pest control even though the dumpster is on the way out and they don't spray for bugs unless you request it each and every time. Overall I give the complex a 6 out of 10. If this is your only option you won't regret it but I highly suggest you explore other options and don't jump into this place.

Last Updated: 01/14/12
You are much more kind than I am. This place sucks...

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