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If you are looking at the Overlook, keep looking. I was conned into moving in. First, I was told that the main office burned down from an employee leaving a candle lit overnight. I later found out from Homewood FD that it was arson - someone lit front door on fire. Everyone I talk to state it was an angry tenant at the staff - and now I can believe it!!! Then, they lied about free tennis lessons for the tenants. Then they stated that the front gates will be functional in 2 weeks . . . it's been 2 months and nothing. Looking at pior reviews, its been years!! Then they lied about the new construction on Mansard Dr. They stated they were building a Recreation center for the tenants (after hearing about free tennis lessons and a Rec center, who can turn this place down). I later found out what they’re really doing is re-building the townhomes that BURNED down!! That’s 2 fires in less than 12 months! Run away!!!

The manager sucks!!!! She is the biggest liar - very unprofessional. Never calls you back, her reason: "They didn't leave me your number." I witnessed one of the office staff write my name and number and put the notice on her desk, what did I get: same response!! She doesn't care.

The maintainance. . . what maintanence? You have to call 5 times for them to fix your problem, then they do a half---- job just to shut you up and get out of there. When I first moved in, we discovered 20 items needing repairing on our “walk-through.” Well, it’s been 2 months and I’m still waiting. They are VERY understaffed here, and I understand if they have other emergency jobs to do. But, PLEASE, dont lie to us anymore.

So called 24-hr emergency operators. They are the rudest, nastiest people I've ever dealt with. WHen I first moved in JUNE, my A/C wasnt working. WHen I called the operator,she said she wouldnt write down my problem bc it wasnt an emergency. Then she hung up on me - when I called back, she said "Shut the f**k up" and hung up on me again. WHen I told the staff the following day, they didnt care at all.

I know this is long and I hope it helps. Believe me, I can write a whole lot more. THis complex basically exists purely as a tax write-off for Landmark, and they dont give a s**t if the place burns to the ground. Dont rent here!!! Leave!!! Trust me, it's not worth it!!

I moved because the electricity bills were $250/month for a 1BR apartment. Couldn't afford to run the AC - very poorly insulated.
Sounds like our experience. When we first moved in here our AC didn't work and it took over a week to get it fixed! It was last August when we moved in, so the apartment got a bit warm. Experiences since then have been the same or worse. Our lease is about to be up and we're working hard to find somewhere else to go.

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