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Audubon Park Apartments
8160 Country Road 64, Daphne, AL 36526
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This place is not what it seems and do not fall for the act they put up. First of all, these people do not deserve to be called a gated community because I have never once seen the main gate close. The other side gate is closed but this provides no security and you have to pay to use it. Almost every single person living here has a pet. There are dogs everywhere, constantly barking day and night, jumping on you, following you, and pooping everywhere and most people don't pick it up and in the summer it smells awful! These apartments are priced really high but then built so cheaply! We have crooked walls and entry ways, we hear our neighbors washing dishes because the insulation is so poor, and the carpet has absolutely no padding and is so cheap it puts holes in our socks. Nothing about this experience has been "resort-style". Half of the stuff in the gym is broken and they obviously don't plan to fix it. They claim to have a no-mold policy yet I have never seen any living place grow mold like this one!! You have to bleach your shower every two days if you don't want it to be black. If you let anything get wet, like the counter, it rusts over. Drafts come through the cheap windows so you have to run your heater awhile to get warm. Since I've lived here I've had 6 different things fixed in this cheap apartment. Next there is rarely any good or reasonable parking! expecially at night. hope youre readu to walk a long distance with those groceries. If you have a complaint it really doesn't matter to them. All they care about is tricking people to live here. Can't wait to move out of this awful place!!!

Last Updated: 04/06/13

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