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Forest River
515 George Wallace Drive, Gadsden, AL 35903
3 User Responses

My fianc and I are both 21 and were in a rush to get our own place, and made the worst mistake of our lives moving here. This place is nasty, I mean inside and out, just plain filthy. So let me begin by starting with the outside. Well first of all, your car is better off being parked across the street at one of the nearby gas stations than in this hood. I NEVER walked into or out of my apartment without my fianc next to me because it honestly scared me to walk to my car by myself. All of the neighbors fight all of the time and don t bother calling the cops, apparently they don t even come near this place. My first 20 minutes walking into this place included: getting hit on and whistled at, witnessing my first drive through drug deal, nearly stepping on a bunch of syringes, and balling my eyes out as soon as we got in and dead bolted the door shut. The inside of our apartment wasn t any better. I immediately vacuumed our carpets with a brand new vacuum and wound up having to empty the container before even getting the entire living room vacuumed (even though we had to wait an extra 2 days to get in because they were having our carpets cleaned ). There were burn marks over all of our sinks from the previous tenant s little hobby as well as a few of their dirty dishes in the dish washer. When we got there, there were no stove eyes, and we were repeatedly told that the office would send them to us and they never did. One of our showers only had cold water that come out of the shower faucet and scolding hot water out of the lower one. Thank god we got 2 bathrooms even though the lights in the other bathroom went out on us, but we were used to that because the only places in the apartment that had lights were the kitchen, dining room, and hall. All carpets in the place were stained with something red. The entire place smells like a bathroom, I don t care how much you clean it (Trust me, I know). Painting there is a joke, the carpets and power outlets had more paint on them than the actual walls did. There have been multiple shootings and thefts at Forest River. People here have no control of their children and just don t care that their 7 year old is riding their bike into your vehicle all the time. Please don t consider this place. I did not exaggerate the first bit in this post nor did I go into true detail of how bad this place really is. Management is incompetent and should be extremely ashamed at the business they run here. This place is so bad that we terminated our lease after less than a full month and moved. This place is the exact opposite of safe, living out in the woods would honest to God be safer. Please save yourself and go somewhere else.

I wish there was and I honestly feel sick when I think about the people who were in my situation there. All I can say is bless you and what goes around comes around.
i currently live at forest river is there not anyway that we can get rid of management the rude women espically the aparttment manager can we not sign a petition and send it to the apartment owners i think they need to be aware of how they treat people and the conditions of the apts.
I sure would like to have the email of you dear,{CaseyRN}. I would like to compare my experience with yours, and talk to you. Did you have problems quitting the lease?

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