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Rivermont Apartments

201 Marina Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
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I have lived at Rivermont for about a year now and have friends who lived here in the past. This is a nice, quiet apartment in a safe location, and the office staff is friendly and helpful. It's a great alternative… Full Review ▶

Verified Resident

The management is very nice and usually very prompt and willing to listen to feedback. The apartment complex is clean, safe, and has a lot of friendly residents. The apartment complex also is very dog friendly and many of the residents… Full Review ▶

Manager Response
Verified Resident

I have been very satisfied with the overall care and responsiveness of staff. The complex is in a convenient location within only a few miles of downtown or McFarland. Perfect for graduate students as it's quiet and well kept. Love it… Full Review ▶

Verified Resident

It's a great place to live. It's quiet and calm. The buildings are very well built. The staff are all friendly and willing to help at a moments notice. The floor plans are very spacious. The maintenance staff is very quick… Full Review ▶

Verified Resident

The office staff is incredibly friendly. The location is amazing and I love the quiet atmosphere. As a student, I lived in a student-oriented apartment complex, and the place was really loud and had horrible staff. It is so refreshing to… Full Review ▶


My husband and I are newlyweds and spent our first year of marriage living at Rivermont. He recently got a new job opportunity out of state and we have had to prepare to leave quickly. We are so sad that we… Full Review ▶


My husband and I have lived at Rivermont for 2 years and LOVED every minute of it. I remember looking at this website when I was apartment hunting, and the good reviews were one thing that drew me to Rivermont. As… Full Review ▶


Rivermont is 100 times better than my previous apartment in Tuscaloosa (Reserve at North River). It's really quite. There is a nice shaded river walk trial. The office staff are very friendly and gave me full refund of my deposit when… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for two years and loved every minute of it. The office staff is the best I've ever seen - They do their best to make sure that every need is met and exceeded. The maintenance staff gets the… Full Review ▶


I live at Rivermont now and love it. However, I have gotten a job out of state and the manager here told me that this website was really useful when looking for an apartment. I am SO glad I found it!… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for three years and have signed on for my fourth and final year before I complete school. I haven't had any problems with the management and found them very helpful. They abide by the lease and expect… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 3 years now and am relocating to another city. This is by far the most wonderful apartment living experience I've had. The staff and maintenance crew are friendly, efficient, competent, and professional. We will truly miss our… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 2 years. The apartments are clean, energy efficient, and full of storage. The closets are big, and the fireplace was great this winter. The maintenance staff is very nice and has been quick (<1 day)to fix everything.… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Rivermont for almost 2 years. The only reason I am moving out is because I am moving to Jacksonville, FL. This is the best apartment complex I have ever lived in. Especially for the price. The girls… Full Review ▶


I personally checked out three apartment complexes in the same area and found for the money Rivermont was the best for our needs. The staff is very nice and helpful. I feel very at ease with my son and and cousin… Full Review ▶


The courteous, friendly and extremely competent staff teamed with the most beautiful and spacious apartment and grounds I have seen in Alabama! Well constructed and well planned for efficiency and ease of daily life. The location is outstanding for convenience of… Full Review ▶


I truly enjoyed my two years living at Rivermont. The apartment itself was so nice and well kept and the Grounds were great-especially for dog walking! The office staff and the workmen were alway very professional and pleasant to deal with.… Full Review ▶


When I was looking for apartments I ignored the comments on websites like this thinking that the people complaining just didn't know how to keep there apartment clean and follow the rules. I should've listened to them. The apartment was nice… Full Review ▶


Rivermont is the best place to live in Tuscaloosa! I have been here for 3 years (and lived several other places in Tuscaloosa) and I can't imagine living in a better apartment community. I have been very pleased with the management… Full Review ▶


Rivermont is expensive and the rules are worse than if you live in a dorm. The last rule prohibited anyone from smoking in their apartment, if you get caught you can be evicted. There's a fine for this and a fine… Full Review ▶


The management is horrible. The ------------ lady lies to my parents all the time on the phone about giving my roommate and I bulls**t fees every other day. It's seriously something new to annoy us on a daily basis. They fined… Full Review ▶


I live in the 1400 Building (The new one); It's amazing! There is soo much closet space and I have never once not gotten parking spot right out front. The girls in the office are the sweetest people you'll ever meet,… Full Review ▶


This is in a quiet wooded area with great staff and every ammenity you could possible need...you will love living here. Rivermont was bought about a year ago by Sealy and the new staff is proof of how much you will… Full Review ▶


great overall....quiet and peaceful...great for working on the those long research papers..... Full Review ▶


A new management company has taken over Rivermont & they are excellent! Sealy's house landed on the Wicked Witch of the Black Warrior(Molly)! This new team ROCKS and management staff is HOT!! Full Review ▶


This was probably the worst place I have ever lived. Dealing with the Managers was a nightmare. We made an extended stay for an extra month or two, and they wrote us a bill for future reference, but then we were… Full Review ▶


First of all, the apartments and facilities were wonderful. I will say that. As for the staff, they were the most inconsiderate, rude, hard-headed, and sneaky. I have to say this is directed at the woman named Molly. There were many… Full Review ▶


The most diffcult staff on premises to deal with. Very rude and inconsiderate!!! We have never dealt with a more incompetent office staff when leasing an apartment. Repairs, rodents, and bugs were troublesome to deal with. It would be impossible to… Full Review ▶


I lived here for three years 1998-99 and 2003-2005. I moved back because it's a tremendous place to live. The management can be a little stuffy, but I never had any problems whatsoever out of them when it came to maintenence.… Full Review ▶


I have lived in several apartments, these are top notch.
Everyone is so nice, I mean the office staff, the neighbors, maintenance. One of my neighbors offered to help me move in.
It is really quiet. There was a problem with dog… Full Review ▶


Very nice, clean, maintence and office staff is super nice and goes out of their way to help people. Little expensive, but so is everything else in t-town that is nice. Full Review ▶


Most everything was nice, but the office staff is a pain to have to deal with, and they never hold their word about anything. I shopped around a lot for the apartment that I live in know, and I realized that… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Rivermont and it is a really nice place. To the person who wrote the last review about the dog thing, the management will not let your dog run loose or go to the bathroom wherever it wants… Full Review ▶


Just FYI,
I am the one who posted about the mice infestation. To the person who said that any apartment will have mice if your apartment is nasty...that may be true. However, my apartment was totally clean. I was told that… Full Review ▶


Great Place to live Full Review ▶


Good area, nice office staff, clean apartments, quick maintance response, no complains, would recommend. Full Review ▶


We, Jerry and Linda Dill, lived in apartment 807 for 2 years. It was the best ecxperience we could have had during the time we were deciding to continue to buy or rent. The facilities were great amd always maintained. The… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Rivermont for three years and it is by far the nicest apartment I have lived in. The management has never been anything but nice to me and every time I call for anything to be repaired they… Full Review ▶


The apartments look nice on the outside, but that is the only nice thing about them. Maintenance repairs took 2 or 3 phone calls, the walls were super thin, management was rude to people who owned dogs. In fact the manager… Full Review ▶


Rivermont is a beautiful, quiet place to live, but the management sucks, as a student at UA I found that they come off as highly snobby and have nothing better to do than nit pick the residents over stupid "violations" They… Full Review ▶


I searched for a long time for the right apartment to live in in Tuscaloosa. I definately found the right one! Rivermont is luxurious, the location is unbeatable, and the price isn´t bad (especially if you´re in a 3 bedroom). Full Review ▶


Not Bad Full Review ▶


The apartments at Rivermont are spacious and very efficient. I rented a one bedroom, and I had plenty of room for all my stuff. They are a little pricey, but the apartments are top-notch, the landscaping is always beautiful, and the… Full Review ▶

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