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The Links at Rainbow Curve
1800 Southeast 34th Street, Bentonville, AR 72712
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Its like a endless list, The management is rude and The below staff has been changed n number of times. With a community of 400 Apts, there is a very very small playing area for kids.. that too in the corner. its like to discourage people from going there. No Tennis Court, No Basket Court. There JUST ONE Table Tennis court in a very cramped up place, and if you happen to go there .. It has a long line of people waiting to play. There is a golf course, but if the ball happens to hit YOUR HEAD or your CAR, or your childrens head... They are not responsabile. . If someone if getting relocated, they are not supposed to charge, but these guys will charge you for lease breakage.
If you like being stuck in your apartment for a week after a snow with no efforts made to clean the roads, sidewalks, or stairs while staff states, "It isn't our problem",
Cops have come to arrest some people at least 3 times.

Last Updated: 05/27/11
I totally agree to this..my experience is almost the same ..probably even worser

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