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McCain Park Apartments
3900 McCain Park Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72116
4 User Responses

honestly think twice about living. the apartment management staff is definitely a big freaking joke. They lack professionalism in every way. They really bring out the most evil side of you once you get frustrated with them enough. Don't believe for one second that they will do anything for you once you have made a complaint. Don't expect for anything to get fixed in a timely matter. The walls in these apartments are so thin you can hear your neighbor sneeze. If you don't want people in your business, don't move here. Don't even think for a second that this place is pleasant because in all actuality, its not. I have lived here for a few months now and i am absolutely disgusted. This is the worst apartment complex i have ever lived in.If you want a place to live, look into renting a house. Seems as though North Little Rock has nothing to offer apartment wise anyway.

Last Updated: 04/13/10
Why would the person with the only good review do it anonymously? Also they tell you to contact the police department because they have to. All landlords are supposed to say that because if they say it is safe and then you are burglarized or assaulted you can sue them.
This review is correct . I moved out because I felt threatened. I made several complaints to management and all they want is money, because they are behind on renters and can't keep anyone there. Yes they are a joke. I moved out cleaned it and had a witness and they are trying to get money from me they kept my deposit and want more. Liars and cheats is what they are.
I moved in a couple of months ago and their has been breakins in this community since i have moved in. Since the break ins, my neighbors and I have had to completely change our lifestyles by staying home making sure no one breaks in to our apt. The apartment staff is only being nice to you. Behind closed doors they are laughing in your face. Do not tell me what I know for myself. And its pretty obvious that you haven't lived here that long either.
My husband and I are not sure what this person is referring to in their complaints. Perhaps they were evicted (since they were there a short time) and have a bone to pick with the apartments. Regardless, our experience at McCain Park was positive. We are military and were deployed. Our experience with all staff was positive. They were friendly and always visited with our dog and offered him a treat when we would go to the office. Our maintenance issues we addressed in a timely manner. The grounds always looked nice and were beautiful this past spring and summer. When we moved in and inquired about how safe it was, we were told to please contact the NLR police located in Lakewood Village to get their recommendations about McCain Park. So they were obviously secure in the report we would get or I don't think we would have been told to contact the police department. Overall, our experience was very positive when compared to the many places were have had to live in our military career. I would have no problem recommending McCain Park to other military members or friends.

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