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Stone Canyon Apartments
5210 East Hampton Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85206
4 User Responses
Manager Response

These are the worst apartments i have lived at! The staff is rude and disrespectful. you walk into the office and everyone looks like they hate life. It takes maintance up to a week to fix anything. There was mold behind the appliances. I paid $1200 deposit and when i moved out they said i only paid $200 deposit. Luckily i had all my documents!! and when i called about the deposit its taken them over a month to contact me and its still not resolved! .. oh let me mention the fact that in the year i lived there, the fire alarms went off at 12am for over an hour around all the building TWICE!! it took them over an hour to turn off the FALSE ALARM@

I also had my deposit taken away from me. Neither does it sound like they have fixed the fire alarm cause that same thing happened again a little more than a year later than this post and yes it is unnerving to say the least... If they aren't truly fixing things, that is a problem for everyone.
I had similar problems with deposits. :(
06/14/13Manager Response
I would like to take a minute to thank you for taking time to give your feedback from your experience about Stone Canyon. I would invite you to contact the Business Manager directly with any concerns you may have as in any instance each situation is reviewed and addressed on a case by case basis. Any matter regarding deposits and accounts is a private matter and as you have kept documentation the management staff also keeps very detailed records in which we would be happy to review with you. The fire system going off in the middle of the night was a very unfortunate issue for the residents as well as those employees that were also on-site addressing the concerns of the alarm and the residents safety. As the team all worked diligently to resolve the issues. Our apologizes for the situation and any lack of respect you felt as a resident here. As stated above we would be happy to sit down to discuss with you at your convenience.
Seriously?? I have lived here for a couple years now, maintenance is completed EVERY time in 24-48 hours! The fire alarm went off twice in 2 days -yes, I heard it. It was some kind of techincal problem it wasn't that big of a deal!! Drama much?? Get over it!!

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