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When you rent from this place they make it seem so nice stating that you have free concierge service but what they don't tell you when you sign your lease is that it's an additional 3.00 fee on top of your rent each month. I have asked not to have this service and was told by Alicia in the front office that it would be removed and this is the fourth month that is has been on my statement. Each month I have to call in and nothing happens. I also clearly asked when I signed my lease if there was a fee to turn the water on. Alicia told me no and when I received my first bill there was a fee. I told her about it and she said "oh maybe I misunderstood her". No, I clearly understand when someone says no there is not any fee to start the water service. If you are trying to maintain a budget when you move in here ask a lot of questions because they receive commission of of the apts they rent and say whatever to get you to sign. The community really isn't that safe. The gate off of Belleview St is open all night long. Even if someone does slam the gate to get it to shut people can easily walk through the middle of the gate because there is a huge opening. The parking garage has an alarm that I was told by the staff that securty company watches at night however all night long the alarm is going off "Intruder Intruder Intruder". It's really annoying and worthless. Today is the 14th day that I have been without a working dryer. I was told by the staff that someone would come and they didn't come until after 48 hrs. Then I come home to a note on my dryer stating that a repair man would come the following Monday. Noone came that Monday, I alerted the office again and was told by Alicia that someone looked at it and to call back if it's not working. Well I called back and was told that someone would come on Saturday to check it out. Here we go again, no one came on Saturday and now it's Tuesday. I called yesterday and was told someone would come and take a look at it but that hasn't happened. So if you like to dry your clothes or have a maintenance request be aware it can be weeks before they decide to handle it.
Another issue I had with maintenance was that I could not open one of my windows. When they came to repair it they ended up breaking the entire glass in the window. I came hope to pieces of glass in my kitchen and a note that said they were going to have a glass copany replace the broken glass. Ten days later after complaining to the office someone comes and repairs the glass but really ten days of having a broken window and my apt being exposed to whatever critter wants to enter the place was horrible. They didn't even put up anything to seal the window and my window still doesn't open after they repaired the glass. It's a disaster.
Also, the elevator here does not function well. You can go from the garage to the 1st floor and be stuck for five minutes while the elevator sits in between the floors doing nothing. I have stopped using it because the walls are covered in spit,and sometimes the floors are wet and gross.
This is apartment living so you can hear your neighbors walking above you. I can here my neighbors tv, sound sytem or radio below and above me and when my neighbors walk up stairs my light fixture in the dining room shakes. You also can hear your neighbors washing their clothes so if they are like mine that wash all night long your ceiling will be shaking.
Outside lighting is inadequate. My bedroom window is facing the community entrance gate and the light goes on and off every minute or so. It also does this on the side entrance to the parking garage. I informed the office of this in October and was told that they would notify maintenance and nothing has been done. After four months we still have terrible lighting. Its also a pain because the light shines into my bedroom and flashes on and off all night. The parking here is horrible so if you have guests that come in the evening they will probably have to park outside the neighborhood. They do issue tickets on Belleview St are parked illegally. This could be a better community if there was an improvement in their staff and they would not lie to their residents. I do not plan to renew my lease and cannot wait to move!!

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