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Budget Suites of America
611 W Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85013
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Roach infested. Police on property constantly. Car thefts & felony warrants served daily. Drug abusers wander the property both day and night as do prostitutes. Management is unfair, combative, disrespectful and causes problems between guests, regularly harass families with children or minorities. The confidentiality of guests private business is discussed openly in earshot of both other tenants, office staff, as well as openly to other tenants. Homeless wander the property openly - often stealing clothes from the laundry. If you value your hard earned dollar, want to be treated respectfully and with dignity and require safety with your child's wellbeing, this place is NOT IT! BEWARE ! there are other properties at the same price DO YOUR RESEARCH. Request a report from the city of Phoenix, I did. They refer to the place as "felony suites". Was given 2 death threats by another tenant...management did NOTHING.

If youre a clean, decent person who values your family - DONT GO TO BUDGET SUITES ON INDIAN SCHOOL.

I WAS SOOO DEPRESSED THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS THERE - AND WAS SOOOO ECSTATIC! to get out and live among NORMAL, DECENT, Classy people again. This place is seriously a dirty, drugged out, crazy insane asylum - and the inmates are RUNNING The prison!

COCK ROACHES. NOT JUST ONE..HERE OR THERE, WHICH IS BAD ENOUGH...THEY SCURRY THROUGHOUT THE UNITS - Dust mites and other allergans in the beds - HAD Allergy/Asthma attacks throughout the stay. ONce I left - NO MORE ALLERGY ATTACKS!!!

Budget Suites of America 611 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013
---- security guard - Oct 18, 2009
Get a room with a new carpet and don't appear young or minority in front of Sheriff Everett, the gun-toting rent-a-cop with the big important-looking silver star belt buckle. NUT JOB!

User photo uploaded on 12/06/2009

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