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I moved in March of 09. Everything was great for a month until I had to deal with a psycho drunk guy throwing rocks at the window below me at 2 am. His girlfriend lives below me and would kick him out all the time. This then continues to happen every month thereafter, sometimes a few times a month. Numerous calls to the office, police, etc.. Still not resolved. The apartments are noisey and when it is nice out, everyone drives around with their windows down and stereos bumping and blaring, even at 6 am. There is also a person with a car on rims that are extremely oversized for it and they rev their engine and blare their stereo day and night. Can't miss that car, it sticks out like a sore thumb. The person below me is always watching tv in their bedroom and I can hear it as they don't work and are home 24/7. I can hear people yelling and screaming at each other at all hours of the night. I live on the third floor and I still would get bugs and roaches in my apartment, no matter how clean I would keep it. Pest guy had to come out all the time. One of my neighbors would leave food, dishes, etc. out for stray cats, so I am sure that didn't help. I ended up throwing them away. The neighbors running up and down the stairs could be heard at all hours of the night, sounds like a herd of elephants running up them. The so called "upgraded appliances" are ok but the faux wood floor..try crappy linoleum that any product you use on it would make it sticky or not clean enough. I was always washing this floor.
The dog park was too dangerous as there were people with dogs that number one were restricted breeds. And number 2 were dangerous and attacked other dogs, as my dog was one of them. Dog parks are made for animals that can get along with others and if you know your's won't please leash them or take them out. I have nothing against any breed of dog but I know for a fact most people were hiding their pit bulls and rottis and not paying pet rent. I paid $60 a month plus pet deposits, if you can't afford that , don't have a dog.
The staff in the office was always nice to me when I would call and never had any problems with them. Except one time I had to stop by the office to give them a new key to my apartment, it just happened to be at opening time, well the manager was coming in the same time as me. The door was locked and I said something to her. She didn't even acknowledge me when I spoke to her and couldn't even crack a smile. If you don't enjoy your job, find another one!
The store onsite is nice for something you need fast and the guy that runs it is very nice. There are good and bad with this place. Which will happen in any complex you go. It was a fast choice I had to make to find a place. And you just have to learn from it. I personally would never live there again and I am so glad my lease was up! Be smart buy a house :)

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