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Villas at Union Hills (formerly Trillium at Union Hills)

18416 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032
% Recommended
City Average

WARNING DO NOT LEASE HERE!!! I have had problems with the north entrance gate since Aug 9, 2013. I complained to the leasing office staff and to the HOA about the gate and they have failed to fix it. We pay… Full Review ▶


There are some positive aspects of living at this community, but overall I would recommend staying elsewhere. I've read the reviews before this - beware, the rating is higher than it should be because owners who don't live on the property… Full Review ▶


I have stayed in this apartment in 2013 and it was an absolute pleasure to be there - very nice exterior and interiors - nice swimming pool - loved the clubhouse and on top of everything - outstanding management stuffs -… Full Review ▶


I just moved in on a lease, and so far, so good. There is occasional noise but I am on the 2nd floor and above a garage entry (for another unit), which tends to be the source of most noise so… Full Review ▶


I have been at the Villas for almost 4 years now and I have had nothing but a good experience. My family and I go to the pool in the summer and we are happy the basket ball hoop is gone.… Full Review ▶


Don't rent at Villa At Union Hills, There is a HOA and you better be ready to do what ever the person in there office tells you what to do . She only looks at what the renter are doing and… Full Review ▶


Gone are the days when Trillium/Villas at Union Hills was luxury apartment (until 2 yrs ago). Past 1 yr its nightmare because of the poor management. Now they have two offices - one they call HOA and other one 'No name'… Full Review ▶


This place is a joke!! BRENDA is by far the worst HOA you can ever have!! The place it self is very nice, but poor management brings this place down. They say they have security here but I have photos of… Full Review ▶


All.. Please do not book this apartment..Its cheap of course and you can expect cheap service.. I would tell that this place never was like this an year before... but now its a waste of life if you take a room… Full Review ▶


If I could go back, I would not choose to sign a lease here. I saw all the great reviews and thought it would be a great choice. I was wrong. Prior to move in, we inquired about if the current… Full Review ▶


Winter season is perhaps the best time of the year living in Phoenix, so beautiful and comfortable! Phoenix, however, is a city with problems like it is in many other big cities. Burglary and car theft crime rate, for example is… Full Review ▶


My wife and I purchased a 2bedroom unit at the Villas in 2009.This was after searching in NE Phoenix area where the commuting to shopping centres,airport and golf courses was easily accessible. The staff and the new management company are determined… Full Review ▶


My husband & I purchased a unit here in March, 2010 after looking at a number of complexes. A few of the assets are the awesome pool area, the clubhouse & the location. We believe the office personnel are 2nd to… Full Review ▶


We lived here for two years and can say we have no major complaints. I saw progression and good change occur in the main office over the two years, and it was much needed. Stacy was more than helpful on many… Full Review ▶


Wonderfull grounds, really nice pool and gym, great staff. I own one of the unit and must say that I am glad I picked Villas at Union Hills. Full Review ▶


Villas at Union Hills is a nice apartment community offering excellent service in terms of the variety in the floor plans for 1 bed room and 2 bedroom apartments and also in terms of the timely services provided in issuing a… Full Review ▶


I picked the Villas after looking at several other places. The desiding factor was the leasing agent "Stacy" she made the transition as painless as possible and made the arragements I needed for my sistuation. I have relocated here from Ohio… Full Review ▶


The people who work here are fun and enjoyable and are always looking to help out. The sad part is the HOA doesnt do their job like they are supposed to and a few things tend to take way longer than… Full Review ▶


I really LOVE Villas at Union Hills! The staff in the office is great, and very personable. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained, great pool, awesome club house, and so much more. I think the new management is great and… Full Review ▶


I lived there for 15 months I was told nothing but lies before moving in. It was hell throughout the lease. The staff changed & everything went down hill. Pool always locked, no water in the fitness center anymore, tv's gone,… Full Review ▶


Since the complex was sold by Trillium, almost every amenity has been removed: No vollyball net in pool, no TV's at pool, no complimentary coffee bar (there is an espresso machine, but never any cups, milk), pool is locked with padlock… Full Review ▶


Unfortunately I still live in this complex. First of all, earlier this year there was a death in the hot tub. The guy who's girlfriend died, still lives in the complex. The death is still being investigated and the leasing agents… Full Review ▶


such a disappointment. nothing but asphalt and concrete. few patches of grass, well maintained but filled with dog poop and i own a dog. each unit is individually owned so good luck not getting evicted and getting maintenance done. what a… Full Review ▶


I lived in these apartments with a roommate for 6 months. The unit itself was beautiful and well maintained. The office staff was always very nice, even when we complained. Maintenance issues were addressed quickly. The washer would not complete a… Full Review ▶


Trillium was great. This new company is not. The only good thing left about this place is the Manager (Diane). If you want somewhere nice to live and don't mind paying for luxury apartments then move into a Trillium. This place… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 2 years. The office staff is very nice, though they are primarily leasing agents. The manager is useless. Any complaint gets the response that she will look into it, then it is forgotten. The grounds are… Full Review ▶


I agree with the other writers. We have lived here from the construction of this property. The first year was good, but like every other rental property, management changed and so did the complex population. They have allowed big dogs, unresponsible… Full Review ▶


I am so happy to have moved in here as the staff treats me like family and I love my apartment. I have never had any problems here since I moved in last May. It is sad to see some people… Full Review ▶


While I m hardly the type to trust a website like Apartmentratings.com, I have found, with some objectivity, that it is nearly right on about the places I have lived. So I m happy to contribute to this site right now… Full Review ▶


The management is absolutely horrible. I'm in law enforcement and I can't tell you how many times we've had to complain about our neighbors. Problems with multiple tenants in small apartments, loud music, slamming doors, partiers, and potheads. Even one of… Full Review ▶


I moved here when it first opened, and have continued to be impressed through the years. Trillium keeps adding more and more extras. Like Nintendo Wii - a lot of times apartment complexes will go all out when they first open,… Full Review ▶


Trillium will try every dirty trick to keep their security deposit. I did everything possible to leave a shining clean like new apartment behind. I bugged the staff constantly to make certain I'd done everything necessary. Their loop hole? The staff… Full Review ▶


I was always waking up to the noise of my neighbors whether slamming doors, loud music or playing video games or movies as loud as they can. I was always talking to the office staff and they didnt do much just… Full Review ▶


I love the accomodations at Trillium. I feel like I'm living at a resort, compared to other condo projects.

I would highly recommend living here! Full Review ▶


The prices are high. The apartments are around the ghetto. You have a strip club across the street that is loud at night, collects trash and constantly has police escorting drunk drivers from in front of your home. The apartments are… Full Review ▶

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Studio2 $ 1227
11 $ 895
22 $ 1086


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  • Pet Deposit Required

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  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry in Units

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