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I've lived in the cabrillo apts for about 2 months. Let me first tell that these units are far from luxurious. The tenant above me is a normal sized guy, but it sounds like the " INCREDIBLE HULK " is living above me when he walks around. Then when the A/C kicks it's so loud, the first couple times I ran outside thinking it was a helicopter circling ahead. One night getting ready for bed I was greeted by a roach the size of a cat that I found out later came up the drain. If I dont bleach out my toilet mold grows in it..healthy huh. The plumbing is also a problem. It's so noisy in the walls and my water heater sucks. I don't go out on my patio because of the wasps nest. I really wish that I was warned about this. P.S. - I also sleep with ear plugs, no joke.

My prior post didn't submit. But basically, all the bad review are true. And I did pay $1,500 to move out. Crazy huh? Not when you can't get a wink's sleep due to the noise, roaches and scorpions. Oh and the wasps as well. If only I had seen this website before renting, I would have never moved here. You would be very smart to stay away. Did I forget to mention the parties every weekend your neighbors have?

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