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3 User Responses

When viewing the Equity Residential website for Scottsdale Meadows, it all looks very nice and proper; the rental prices look reasonable too. This apartment complex is not what it seems. I've lived here nearly six years and in the past two years this place has deteriorated. I've experienced six water pipe breaks - two of which were in the apartment itself, four were a foot from my bedroom window. I've put up with a next door neighbor whose dog barked all day, every day - sometimes for 16 hours straight. I've tolerated stepping in and around dog mess that their owners don't clean up.
Onsite and regional management don't care in the least what tenants are putting up with here. You may move in paying $640. per month prior to pet fees, taxes and water/sewer/trash but if you sign on for a second year watch out for the rent hike.
I was happy here when I first moved in, but after the water leaks, rent increases, inconsiderate neighbors, dog poop and my car being broken into and burglarized in 2007, I've had enough. Don't make the same mistake I did; this place is BAD news.

I didn't write this particular review, but I can assure, in my time there I knew three people that got stuck in that rent hike, 60 day notice bind. It has been long enough that you will too have been subjected to a rent hike!
Hmm I've been here almost a month now and am finding NO problems like the ones listed here. Perhaps the first one was living across the street by the other Apartment complex? I'm living across from the office and have found no such problems. There's no dog mess to "step around or over" and it's very quiet here. Or perhaps you were expecting more but after finding out that wasn't possible, you decided to give this place a bad review (sour grapes). As for the rent increase, are you sure you didn't move to a larger unit? I've lived in many complexes all over the valley, some well kept and some not that only raised the rent if you moved to a larger unit.
Or the fact they rent it out at a great rate for what it is and when your lease is up they eff you over and raise the rate $100 but tell you its a deal. And youre already screwed because they have a STUPID 60 day rule so if I leave I owe for a month I am not living there. Where do you find places that have their inventory ready 60 days early! The office manager wont even LISTEN to you or work with you!!!!!

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