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Hermosa Village Apartments
1515 S Calle Del Mar, Anaheim, CA 92802
1 User Response

My family and I lived here for 3 years and it was the worst experience of our lives! To begin with, my disabled children needed a downstairs unit with air conditioning for their medical concerns, which we were promised but ended up in an upstairs unit with no air conditioning and they did not care about ADA laws at all. Next, the place is infested with pests such as cockroaches, brown recluse spiders (deadlier than black widows), and while they want you to call for treatment they make you feel as though you brought the pests with you whenever you call. When the pest control guy comes out he walks in a does one spritz under the sink and nothing more, even though the managers made you clear every single cupboard, closet, and drawer. Another problem and probably the most severe is the gang factor. You have rival gangs located within one complex, so my first night there we were questioned about the homicide that had just occurred in the toddler park, no joke. My son was jumped with weapons, it was caught on security footage and they did nothing to the kids or their parents, didn't even talk to them. They told us that if we couldn't fit in with the local element then we should move. What were all those background checks for again? The violence here was so bad, and I am not exaggerating at all. My daughter's best friend was raped in the laundry room, the little boy (5 years old) down the way was stripped and beaten by high schoolers, my daughter was stalked by some guy that nobody even knew if he lived on the grounds (can you say useless security?), and my son was not only jumped that one time, but try every week because he refused to join either gang. It got so bad he was placed in a mental institution for wanting to kill himself, we had him transferred to another school, he never went outside not even to take out the trash or check the mail, and this is not even all that I have to say about this place. We asked for numerous repairs to be made and they never did a single one, they handed us the paint or whatever supplies and expected us to do our own repairs. Why do they have so many maintenance men again? The grounds are very well kept and the rent is very cheap, and the location is a prime area, but remember if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! The other person that left a comment here mentioned the parking. He is right about most of it, the parking is very strict and security or management will have you towed for violating. But of course if you are a habitual violater, they will never say anything to you, never tow you, even if someone is an hour late to work because you parked right their car and they dont know where you live to have you move it. But if you follow the rules all the time and stop for just a quick minute to run upstairs to grab the diaper bag you forgot, you will come down to find them towing you. There is not limited parking for visitors as the other reviewer suggested, there is NO VISITOR PARKING. Your visitors would have to park about a half mile away in the Food 4 Less parking lot and ask the store manager for permission to stay overnight even though it is a 24 hour store. Security will constantly be at your door, get this, for a security check because your apartment is too quiet and they want to make sure you are okay. Not to mention the security guard who kept hitting on my teenage daughter, that he knew was underage. They do have a very nice computer room with many up to date computers but poor Miss Tristan is bombarded by all these kids who have no home training and simply cannot keep proper control of the area. The only and I do mean only thing that is decent about this complex is their onsite preschool. Mrs Vega is absolutely wonderful and does an excellent job with the children and provides many field trips for the kids so they dont have to be on site. Please note that even the preschool teachers were complaining when the maintenance men handed them stuff to do their own repairs as well, on the apartment provided park areas, not even the classroom. You are not allowed to have a barbecue by your home, you must use one of their nasty ones which require about an hour of pre cleaning since you will be the only one who uses them and cleans them after. If your unit does not have air conditioning, tough luck because you are not even allowed to buy a window unit for your own place, they want everything to look uniform and the same and any addition is unwelcome. The rules strictly state that kids are not allowed to play with bikes, skateboards, scooters, or even balls. This is because of the amount of drunk drivers that live here and instead of taking care of the drunk drivers, they deiced to take childooh away from your child. None of this is any joke, I swear. Remember how I said they refused to make any repairs on my home? After I moved I got nice fat bill for almost two thousand dollars and all of the listed repairs that they had to do were the same exact repairs that I had been requesting them to do. Had they done any of them, there would have been no bill. If you have any questions about the crime stats I suggest you follow these three simple rules when you move to any neighborhood. #1 - Ask the neighbors. #2 - Visit the place at night. #3 - Call the local police department and ask about that area. For Anaheim PD the number is (714)765-1900. Yeah, I have that number memorized now, thanks Hermosa.

Is there any other apartments or places you would recommend near or around or anywhere in Anaheim? I was looking to move into this apartment complex but with your comment I'm scared to death! I have 3 young children!!

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