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Chateau D'oro Apartments
1001 Continentals Way, Belmont, CA 94002
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Just facts, no emotions:
1. We lived here 4 years. Suddenly they ask us to leave. When we asked them why, they said that according to the law they don t have to give us a reason. We offered them to pay more or to move to another apartment, but they said NO. Obviously, there is something about us that make them want us out. We always pay our rent on time or have any credit issue. So the only reason we can think of is our disabled son. He has Fragile X syndrome (mental retardation). Hopefully, they ll like you better than us with our problems. The only reason we stayed so long is because it is so painfully difficult to move with a special needs kid.
2. They changed 4 managers in 4 years. One of the managers stayed just 1 month.
3. The pool is freezing cold. They have solar heater but it never works
4. Last week we had a rat in our apartment. We had to catch it ourselves since management didn t do anything.
5. One more thing. We used to have water included in the rent. Last year they said that we have to pay extra for the water to keep rent low. Few months later they increase the rent.

Last Updated: 09/27/12
the post starting with "Sounds to me like..." was written by a prick, plain and simple.
Alex, thank you for the review. I have been looking for a place on the peninsula and it's very helpful to know what places are NOT good. PS There is a reason why "Anonymous" is hiding behind that screen name.
Sounds to me like your "disabled son" is a convenient excuse for you. I doubt they asked you to leave simply because you have a disabled child - there are laws that strictly protect against that. You'd have no problem winning a lawsuit if it was that clear cut and dry (something you'd likely be doing rather than posting a rant on here). It's more likely you were a horrible tenant, were unpleasant to work with, or did something to cause them to ask you to leave. I wonder how many other areas of your life you play the disabled chip in because it suits you best?
It is impossible to prove that my son's disability was the reason. Besides, they evicted another family with kids next-door. So maybe the reason is different. we filed a complaint to HUD but they don't want to do anything because in Belmont landlord is not required by the law to state the season for eviction and there is no other way to figure it out. As for being the horrible tenant, I wonder why they waited for 5 years. And to the anonymous blaming me for using my mentally -------- son as an excuse I wish to have one too and feel what I feel, especially when you are thrown out from you home for no reason. Consider it a curse. This is totally insensitive. Who gave you right? Did I do anything to you?
wow...no wonder there is a unit for rent there and it states "Rent starts at $1,795.00 and is contingent upon a one year stay."

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