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Media Center Villas
1730 Rogers Place, Burbank, CA 91504
3 User Responses

STAY AWAY!!! ----, the current manager and ------ his boss are the most phoney, cut throat, poor excuse for building management I've ever seen. They have no real interest in responsibility to the tenants. If you ever have any issues with ---- and the way the building is run, good luck. They don't give a damn. ------ (his boss) will deny everything as ---- can do no wrong.

This place was a community at one time. Now, all they care about is filling the empty spaces.

P.S. BLACK MOLD (manager denies this too). Extremely hot summers, poor insulation, pool is not heated, washers and dryers always broken, that emergency maintenance number... Good Luck

I agree its worst place Stay away
This is a response towards the disparaging review that was posted about our community here at Media Center Villas by the previous user. We would like to begin by stating that most of the supposed definciencies that you complain about have not changed in the 14 years that you called our humble community your home and we find it odd that in those 14 years this is the first time you are complaining about them. We are proud to state that this is a wonderful apartment community where we have tenants who have lived here, such as yourself, for over 13 years and 12 of those tenants have renewed their leases with us between July and August of this year 2012. You state that there was black mold in your apartment, but upon investigation of our community by a city health inspector, which YOU summoned, there was no evidence of black mold at all. If there were black mold as you had claimed yourself and your loved ones would have fallen ill which never occurred. Furthermore upon a second investigation into your claim it was discovered that this supposed black mold was in fact just chalk smudge on the walls. Finally, these issues that you brought to management where always addressed immediately. For example there was an occasion when you asked us to install new flooring in your apartment as we were installing new flooring into some of the recently vacated units. This is not standard practice for a management company, yet we still placated your request in appreciation of you long tenancy. On another instance you asked about having your carpet cleaned and we informed you that we would pay for the cleaning ourselves as a courtesy to you. However, when you began to leave racially derogatory voicemails regarding an employee to our management and began to harass management at their private residence, yelling and berating them so far as to create a toxic enviroment for our other tenants, the decision was then made to not renew your lease. We understand that residents may have grievences, but there is a proper way of getting those issues addressed by management. We as management take every concern and maintenence request very seriously and handle all request in a timely manner. I believe that the timely manner and the way we respond to and take care of our residents is one of the reasons that so many residents renew their leases every year. In conclusion we here at management just wanted to address these disparaging remarks to our wonderful community and we hope that you and your loved ones are happy in your new home. Media Center Villas Management Team.
Nice attempt to do some damage control. If this response helps you sleep at night and place your lies and total disregard in a place that makes you feel better, so be it. Based on your reply, it appears that you mixed up the lies intended for our unit with another unit. Nice attempt at using the race card too. We all know the true truth. BTW... It was a County Health Inspector (not City) that made the determination and declared it mold. You may want to notify your current tenants of the threat of growing chalk marks. Best of luck!

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