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Scott Road Terrace
1720 Scott Road, Burbank, CA 91504
2 User Responses

All property managers that have managed this property are useless and very unprofessional. No one returns your calls even Starpoint Property, LLC. They are very rude and does not maintain the complex well enough. They charge so high of rent but does not want to invest in retaining their tenants. Their salaries and investments comes from tenants that work hard and pay rent but these people are very inconsiderate. They hire the worst managers. The apartment has low quality construction and no privacy. You hear all the neighbors noise through the walls.

Trinity and Michelle have always responded in a timely manner. Jaime has always taken care of our issues. If you email Trinity she has always responded that day. You go to Michelle's door and she opens it and is there for you. Whenevr I need help I email or call one of the many phone lines they have and always get a response. You are just a hater. Stop hating and embrace what good things are happening at The Scott Rd Terrace!!! Be positive!!!
I agree, you are a hater!!! I live here and Trinity and Michelle are on top of things. the old manager from years ago was useless and RUDE!! she still lives here, maybe you are talking about her. Yes, if you are talking about the old manager from back in 2005 you are right!! because she still lives here and she looks RUDEEEEE!!and VERY UNHAPPY!!

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