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Marbella Villa
11819 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710
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I have lived here for a while now, and I'm impressed at the quality of work that has been done. The parking has been re-done so that is a plus, the maintenance staff was always prompt when fixing things even if it had to be done repeatedly they did it without complaints (which is a shock in comparison to the other community we lived in). If there were complaints they do there best to resolve them and I tried not to burden them with issues about neighbors if at all possible (When I moved in I had college kids next to me who would party loudly and didn't care, I was able to ask them kindly to stop and the neighbors would. I never brought that to the mgmt's attention). But, when we did have problems with our other neighbors the staff and Sue were more than happy to help resolve the issue. If you have complaints (either with equipment issues or neighbors) they do something to fix them and have always been willing to help!
I loved the apartment!!

Last Updated: 01/11/11

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