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Castlewood Apartments
1597 Detroit Avenue, Concord, CA 94520
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When I first moved here, the apartment was nice. Picnic table, clean pool, grounds were kept clean and parking was ok. After the first year the place changed significantly. They switched on-site managers and it went down from there. The other poster who wrote about the urine-soaked elevator and expired inspection sign is not lying! Very disgusting. The pool area is unkempt. The picnic table went from having boards missing to having the whole sitting side missing to finally just being gone! The BBQ pit damaged and unkempt. A resident brought his BBQ pit down there just so other tenants could enjoy the outside area.
By the type of tenants that they started to let in- I knew the place was going to go downhill fast. I stayed on a floor with a lot of 'old time' tenants (been there 5yrs or more) and we were all just stunned with how SPM handled this once nice building.
The carpets in the hallway are stained and smelly. The laundry room is a mess( I got my suitcase that I used to transport my clothes in stolen amongst other things). The lights around the apartment don't work and again- the managment sucks. I will never rent anything from SPM again. They really do not care about their tenants and if they can let a once beautiful complex go to ---- in just 1 year- i feel sorry for all of the other complexes that they are acquiring. They should be shamed.

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