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Coronado Bay Club
1515 2nd Street, Coronado, CA 92118
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We have lived here for a few months into our year lease. Not impressed to say the least! For starters they lost our walk through papers that we turned in on the first day. They later sent us a note saying we had to fill one out immediately? They had to gut the kitchen sink area because of mold. One of the bathrooms has to be cleaned of mold every two weeks. In the other bathroom their was a 8inch whole in the ceiling that occurred from the leaking tub from above apt. You have call and complain over and over to get them to do anything.

They forgot to factor in pet rent and came back for that later for past due. To top it off, we just a notice to pay rent or quit and we paid ON TIME!!!!! Omg these people are so incompetent. Anything I turn in now, I will make copies of because the office staff will lose it.

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