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The Villages at Cupertino (formerly Valley Green Apartments)

20875 Valley Green Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014
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We live here. Worst experience here. There are lot of stealing and theft going on. We lost 2 good bycycles ($400-$500 each)in a row. They were parked outside in the evening and gone !!! My kids are very sad :-( Called… Full Review ▶


This is the first time I am compelled to write a review about an apartment complex. This was the worst place I have ever stayed. If you are a recent transplant from India and enjoy living in ghetto type of atmosphere,… Full Review ▶


I have a mixed feelings about that place. I loved the location though it is inches from I-280 and highway noise is pretty noticeable. I also loved the general landscaping and pool/gym area. These perks are really nice, but primarily we… Full Review ▶


My girlfriend and I are just moving in. We have been looking around at many of the apartments in Cupertino and we were pleased with this one. The grounds are great; large pool, a gym, and park with BBQ. When we… Full Review ▶


Lived here for about 16 months and have just recently moved out. Overall, I really loved living here because of the amenities, location, and the staff/maintenance team. Price aside, it is an outstanding place to live. If you are forced to… Full Review ▶


Great Location! Really close to my work at Apple. Working in Apple building on Valley Green Dr. Robert help me with blocking online. Moved from out of area and couldnt see apartment before. Live in a studio cottage with new carpet.… Full Review ▶


Do you want to move into a junkyard? Then this is the right apartment. It's a worst management, poor building, very noisy and top-class rent. Just do some math and search around the area and you will get better deal for… Full Review ▶


The office employees there are quite rude when I am still smiling and talking very nicely to them. Someone used the words like "Do not push me and I may feel frustrated. That will not be good to you when I… Full Review ▶


Worst management...the a pats r all old...no quality...only the complex near leasing office is ok...when u move from there don't expect to get your sec deposit back...instead they will charge an extra...200$...no cross ventilation...no ac in apts...looks like a colony... Full Review ▶


Worst apartment i have ever lived in....bad maintenance and there are big fat rats inside the house. They increase the rent about 30%. $1900 for 1 bed 1 bath is ridiculous. Everything you touch will come out .....don't move in there… Full Review ▶


My rent 2br/2bath 1100 sqf = $2398.00 month $2.18 per sqf Cars owned = 2 Parking spots assigned = 1 (good lighting) Good: Great location and schools. Nice pool Staff never comes around. Bad: Very Very Very fast driving through the… Full Review ▶


One of the best complex in Cupertino.Excellent location, proximity to great schools, good management and maintenance. Only thing is they could have put lights on the tennis court. Full Review ▶


This apartment complex is old. Equipment is bad. Heating equipment does not work for the last 2 years. Numerous complaints made. Dish washer rattles and nosiy like a battle tank. There is too much of noise disturbace. The neighbours living upstairs… Full Review ▶


They insult you, since you are an ------. As if you deserve less since you are from -----. And this is attitude even in maintenance staff. One Mr. --------- is nightmare for the people living here. Politeness is not in their… Full Review ▶


The manager take the trouble to come to unit to hear your issues Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I have been living at the villages for about 5 years and it is great. The schools rated very high. GARDEN GATE TEST scores in the 950!!! How can you beat that, Monta Vista High School is the Best and my… Full Review ▶


They never do any major repairs such as carpet replacement thing even when the carpets are ruined by old and leaking ater pipes. They pretend to listen but do nothing and keep raising the rent. Full Review ▶


You might like this apartment complex if you have school age children, and even more so if you're Asian Indian. If you want or need daytime quiet or have high standards of cleanliness and comfort, this might not be for you.

Management… Full Review ▶


Lived here for more than 24 months
Sent me a Carpet cleaning Charge $70/-
Actually they never steamed the carpet and had changed to new one for the next renter - but were just trying to make money.
I asked them for the bill(invoicefrom… Full Review ▶


i was very upset with them and after numerous attempts and their constant refusal to give me any lead info., i filed a lawsuit against them in palo court.
in my view, the judge who was on the side of the apt.… Full Review ▶


Noise can be a real pain, specially if you are in first floor apartments with others living upstairs. We realized that soon after moving in. We heard creaking noises even when anyone walked around upstairs - imagine how it was when… Full Review ▶


Absolutely the worest in every aspect.

What you read in pervious posts about certain manager are all true, I won't repeat here.

The first thing we noticed after moving in was that the paint on all doors had so many layers it took… Full Review ▶


We live in this comples for exactly 1 year (11 months 30 days too long!)We moved in shortly after 9/11 and tensions were HIGH. This is a predominately Middle-Eastern community. We aren't Middle-Eastern and were made to feel VERY uncomfortable with… Full Review ▶


View Cupertino Crime reports and receive future reports for this area. Valley Green Apartments is in Cupertino Beat Area C3. See reports here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CupertinoECAP

This Yahoo Group is maintained by the Santa Clara County Sheriff?s Office as a community service.

Full Review ▶


Most of them are Asian ------- compromising the quality for schools. Rentals are too much and management is very greedy. No proper gym and no thread mills. Poorly maintained swimming pool and cracked tennis court. Nearby apartments are far better than… Full Review ▶


Valley Green Apts. is good for tenants who live there. Tenants very cooperative and friendly. Good scholl near by, this is the only reason for my continued stay here. Full Review ▶


Valley Green was great home for 5 years. We will miss very much. Our son learn to ride bike and made many friends. We live in townhome, very nice and quite. Big backyard. We think service in office very good. Manager… Full Review ▶


Old apartments .. not a place where one shd live Full Review ▶


I also saw rat runing on my patio few times a week. I even have a lizard in my kitchen one morning. I have no idea how the lizard got in there.

Spiders, Spiders everywhere! At one time I killed… Full Review ▶


When I first moved to Valley Green I noticed a metal box in the gardens. I asked if there were any rodents, and I got a blank stare with the explanation that they had no idea what that was. I left… Full Review ▶


We entered the valley green in 1999 with a good welcome politeness. After the initial hybernation, and the dotcom burst, the tenants were forced to sign new agreements for lower rates or pay the hefty rates that they had negotiated earlier.Kids… Full Review ▶


The new Manager´s (Melida Calen) only thinking is "How to Extract Money from Residents in every possible way".

If you rent the club house, she will bill you saying more guests turned up and children made lot of noise.
Full Review ▶


I lived in this apartment for 3 years. The management was good during the initial years.
But then they keep changing people very frequently, you see new face every time you go to the Apartment Office.

Car break-ins are common.… Full Review ▶


i lived in valley green for 2 years,love that place,especially people who work in the office,leasing consultant who works their i think her name is elena-she is very nice,friendly person helped us a lot when we moved in,also maintenense personnel is… Full Review ▶


When I first moved here, the staff was friendly and the apartments looked OK. After living here, we had three instances where we had caught large RATS. In the summer time, ants are a real issue. Also, because there is no… Full Review ▶


Lousy units. Aspestos in ceiling so no drilling and at your own risk. Walls are paper thin...you can hear your neighbour breathing. Spiders and Ants were everywhere for first 1.5 years. seemd to have gone away this winter.

Close proximity… Full Review ▶


This is the worst apartment I have ever lived in, the most dirtiest. When they showed us a model, It looked OK. When we moved into the actual apartment. It was so dirty and everything is very old. The carpet was… Full Review ▶


Not the best apartment complex I´ve ever lived in, but not as bad as other reviewers have depicted. I live in a studio apartment, and the layout is nice for a studio and the apartment is clean. There are some areas… Full Review ▶


My husband and I lived in a 700 sq. ft. apt at Valley Green for 2 years. We found the complex to be very unkempt and run-down. There are constant plumbing problems, like sinks overflowing in the middle of the night… Full Review ▶


rude staff, don`t do the promises in time and manager never is available to speak with, only thru e-mail(they don`t even provide you with her (Angela) telephone number), rats, mouse, ants, always a problem with shower, course hitter is very weak,… Full Review ▶


I looked at several apartment complexes before moving to Valley Green Apartments; and eventually chose it because of the extremely close proximity to my employer (Apple Computer). The leasing office employees seemed polite, and the pricing was only slightly more expensive… Full Review ▶


this racist complex has witheld my deposit for almost 3 months w/o, of course, refunding it for NO REASON.
DO NOT move there.

here is the complaint i filed with bbb. thanks.
Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Better Business Bureau… Full Review ▶


Once you signed the lease, you become one of their victims. If you want to avoid trouble,
don´t sign any contract with them since there are a lot of hiding staff beyond the contract. Full Review ▶


This appt is old and not worth staying for its pathetic facility and high rents. There are definetly better appartments in Cupertino. Full Review ▶


Units where built in the early seventies with major wear and tear in the current years with little to no upgrades. Rent increases are common as well as slow response on basic maintenance calls for units. There is frequent office turnover… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 1689
11 $ 2584
21 $ 2825
21.5 $ 3030
22 $ 3370


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