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Logan Park Apartments
38304 Logan Dr, Fremont, CA 94536
0 User Responses

1. Warren and the rest of the staff are LIARS!
they're going do everything they can to get as much money as possible upon move out to do whatever they want to do. They're a crock of S*#! and a total joke
2. break ins are ridiculous. i don't understand how in one weekend, 4 different apartments can get broken into, and no matter what got stolen...the renters insurence doesn't cover alot AND are very difficult to get ahold of!!!!
3. 30 days notice...MAKE SURE YOU PUT IT IN!!!! no joke. they will charge up the ---!!!!

We had cock roaches...bad. and it took 2 weeks for someone to get out and help with it. and he had to come back a second time!!!!!

a friend of mine has ants! why are there so many bugs?!?!?!?

These apartments are not worth moving into....at all.

there is no assigned parking either btw.

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