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Quail Meadow

105 Quail Ridge, Irvine, CA 92603
% Recommended
City Average

My husband and I rented a townhouse. We moved here about two weeks ago form state of OH. Amazing location: clean air, great schools and easy excess to the freeways. Besides, walking distance to the shopping mall which includes banks, a… Full Review ▶


We just moved here about 2 weeks ago and hopefully it's not too early to tell how good this place is. Tara, our leasing agent has been very helpful from the start. She responds to our emails quickly. We had a… Full Review ▶


Garage opening and closing seems to piss off your neighbors. Nearly most if not all buildings are shifting structurally separating at the middle points. Maintanance people respond quickly to show face seldom finish a job on one finish. Office staff is… Full Review ▶


I am surprised to see so many people complaining! This is my second time living here...I returned after a less than desirable experience at a different complex in Irvine. I absolutely love it here. I don't have any issues with noise;… Full Review ▶


I've been living here since Jan 2011, and it's okay. Not the greatest, but not too bad either. I can't hear my neighbors, but maybe they're just quiet and I'm on the third floor. The biggest problem I have is the… Full Review ▶


This apartment is very poorly built as far as building material and sound insulation go. EX. if you live in 2nd floor, you will be able to hear your neighbors from 1st and 3rd floor talking..even sneezing. Ridiculous. You can definitely… Full Review ▶


They limit the kids to one area, and if they go out of that area(riding bikes, scooters "whatever"); the neighbors--WILL TELL. Drama,Drama....Drama! They allow the cars to go thru the complexes at....."FAST". If you're into drama and unsafe conditions and very… Full Review ▶


Quail Meadows has been a huge disappointment. The noise levels are out of control with adults and children screaming at all hours of the day. There is trash thrown all throughout the property and though they promise ample free parking, if… Full Review ▶


When my husband and I moved to CA, we basically found our apartment on googlemaps! We chose a place that was close to our job, without even looking at it first. When we arrived, we thought it was beautiful! The rent… Full Review ▶


alot of kids but not that loud from where I'm located. in the neighbor a lot of people blast music in their cars like they are deaf. also there is people live upstairs who bangs on the floor like crazy time… Full Review ▶


i lived at Quail Meadow for 3 years. The rent stayed fairly steady throughout my stay there. The staff was always friendly and the grounds were always maintained very nicely (as are most IAC properties). My room mate and I lived… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 2 years and just renewed my lease for a 3rd. My rent went DOWN 5%, which is unheard of in apartment living. The leasing office staff says that current residents will never pay a higher rent than… Full Review ▶


Lots of noise from the kids that live in this neighborhood! The office staff is incompetent. They act fake and nice but are very uninformed about the neighborhood and thier own rules and regulations. There is a constant revolving door of… Full Review ▶


I'll agree with everyone that the place is noisy from all the kids and over priced. However, it's Irvine, so of course it's going to be pricey. Great schools and a safe community. The place does look nice Parking could be… Full Review ▶


This apartment complex SUCKS!! It's run by a bunch of morons who sit in a luxurious apartment office doing nothing all day. THE APARTMENT COMPLEX IS BUILT WITH CHEAP THIN WALLS..U WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR EVERY SINGLE NOISE YOUR NEIGHBOUR… Full Review ▶


What is good about this community is that it is kept clean and it's in a safer neighbourhood.Whenever there is a maintainance problem someone is there fairly quickly. What is bad: The building is built in a way that u can… Full Review ▶


My problem with this complex(which may be ok with someone else) is that it is loaded with kids. That wouldn't be so bad except many are very loud and rambunctious. When I come home from work I like to open the… Full Review ▶


Honestly this community is overpriced but I say you get what you pay for because -All Irvine company apartments are priced high -Safe community you feel safe no sex offenders and I havent heard of anyone robbed or anything in fact… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I just got a lease here at quail meadows and reading the comments people wrote couple months yrs ago make me think twice if someone outh there has a possitive comment please pos it so i can feel a little bit… Full Review ▶


Overall I really like this place. As with any apartment complex, there are some issues, but the staff is great, the place is clean, and parking is never a problem where we are located. My only problem is the pool can… Full Review ▶


First let me say there are some really good points to this complex. I have found the service to be excellent. There are some great people on staff. It is clean, nice landscaping, and safe. All of my maintenence needs have… Full Review ▶


Rental rates are incredibly high and won't ever be going down. Noise makes it's way through walls, ceilings, and floors. Parking becomes a problem around the holidays such that if you don't have a space by 4:30pm you'll end up parking… Full Review ▶


This apartment seems like it was built with no insulation. I can hear most noises that come from up-stairs such as talking, stepping, cooking, making love, etc. I also hear noises from next door at times. In addition to their noise,… Full Review ▶


Im am so far a very satisfied tenant. I worked with Matt and the entire leasing staff (on his days off). So far this place is extremely quiet. I am by the second pool and it seems to be mostly single… Full Review ▶


I lived in Quail Meadow about two years ago and had to move when my roommate got a job on the East Coast, but honestly I often look back fondly at my time there. The apartment was small, but beautiful with… Full Review ▶


My husband and I have been very pleased with our experieince here at Quail Meadow! Full Review ▶


Every single positive review on here is from the management. Don't believe what they tell you. This place is a magnet for noise! It's midnight right now and it sounds like someone is operating an electrical saw in their garage right… Full Review ▶


Quail Meadow has been an amazing place to live. From the grounds to the staff in the leasing office & maitnance . Maitnance request are always done with in 24 hours and leasing staff is very friendly and always willing to… Full Review ▶


I moved into an apt. on this property in Nov. 2004 when they were still new and filling up. It had never been lived in and the rate was good - $1.73 per SF with specials. Now, they seem to be… Full Review ▶


Nice place to live, convenient location, relatively quiet and seems safe. I have had no problems living here and would recommend it. Full Review ▶


I can hear the people upstairs walking around and flushing their toilet. I don't hear my next door neighbors however but overall its not that bothersome. Other than that, I don't hear any outside noise. The rent is expensive, but all… Full Review ▶


After reading a few of the other comments, I feel like I need to clarify...

Neighbors - I've never had a problem here, but some people have had lots of problems with noise and courtesy. It's the luck of the draw who… Full Review ▶




Living at Quail Meadow has been such a wonderful time for us! The community is extremely clean, the maintainence staff is amazingly fast and friendly. And it is very quiet. I live on a first floor unit, and I never hear… Full Review ▶


THese aparments must be built ou of paper. I hear noise all day and all night from neighbours.
Management does not care, generally they send maintenance out to stop the noise. yeah right....like a maintenance guy is going to convince someone… Full Review ▶


I was fooled by the appearance and the promise of walls "built to condo standards"...HA!!!

I live in a 2BA/2BA on the second floor. I hear my very annoying and rude neighbors stomping around at all hours, slamming doors, drawers, and whatever… Full Review ▶


- The condo construction near by starts from 7:00am every day. They make a lot of noise while you are sleeping.
- Ants are always running inside your home.
- The apartment is very close to the freeway. You can hear the noise… Full Review ▶


I love living in Quail Meadow, everything is brand new! The pools are awesome, they are like resort hotel pools. I live on the 3rd floor and I never hear any of my neighbors. I would recommend this complex to anyone.… Full Review ▶


We have lived here nearly two years. Overall, it has been clean, safe, and we've been spoiled with the amenities. My main complaint is our noisy neighbors who like to stomp as they walk up and down the stairs, and our… Full Review ▶


When I first moved in to the apartment, the leasing guy told me that there was concrete in the walls so you couldn't hear the neighbors.... LIAR! We can hear their conversations, their kids jumping around, thier t.v., and when their… Full Review ▶


I just moved out of Quail meadows and I have to say that the only thing I miss is the washer and dryer in my apartment. The rent is really high for having limited amenities and the noise is frequent .… Full Review ▶


This place is like living in a cardboard box echo chamber, where you can hear EVERYTHING your neighbors do, say, watch on tv, listen to on the radio, and DO. I can't wait for my lease to expire, and go find… Full Review ▶


i love living here but since we had no rental increase in the 2 and a half years we have been here, they want to raise the rent 7-10%. We live in the area that doesnt have parking issues and as… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 2019
11 $ 1834
21 $ 2837
22 $ 2243


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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