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Welcome to the NIGHTMARE- The Chadwick part III. I moved out of the deceiving Chadwick apartments in the beginning of this year, to this day, I had not got my deposit back, due to the same "papers that I can give you copies later" story. The rental staffs came up with a funny, funny, very funny way to even charged me extra, according to their deceiving and always unorganized record keeping, after paying every single month I lived there "on time" and I not only not getting my deposit back , but they said I owned "them" money. In addition, and this is the best part, during my first visit to the Chadwick before I moved into the nightmare, the then smiling rental office staff showed me a beautiful (model) studio, with a outstanding mirrored wall from which behind a full size bed unfolds. Before moving in I purchased furniture that will fit the beautiful place I thought I was renting, including a full size mattress to go along with my beautiful behind the mirrored wall bed, just to find out after getting my key and moving in that there was no mirrored wall, but worse, NO BED. I sleep on a hard-hard-sofa the whole time I lived there, and my back pain to this day still remind me of the bad experience.

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Last Updated: 09/12/11
User photo uploaded on 04/26/2011
are there bugs at this place? I am thinking about moving to the first floor
It looks like the original review was written over and replaced with the current review. I wanted to see the original review. Oh, well. I guess there is only one review per person on this site. Don't expect to get your deposit back. There are too many detailed bad reviews here and all over the internet. The staff simply dislikes dealing with tenants and behave as though they are superior. They are not. The Chadwick is not managed by professionals. Good luck in your new place.
seriously... too obvious sound like "Sunny" speaking... Sunny you know what's wrong with this place! or are you getting pay to post this Sh"it here?
Are you guys really serious??? I just went there for a tour of the place. I thought it was nice.. But now reading all this makes me think twice... The lady who helped me was very nice. Can't really remeber her name sally? I think. She was very nice. I'm still looking around but it's so hard finding a nice place here in Los Angeles.
I agree. This is the place of HELL!!!!
This completely sounds like management. The management and the building is perfect I just wish the tenants would keep their balcony clean... blah blah blah. Fake reviews are dishonest and not fair to the people that may be tricked into moving here. I moved away from here over a year ago. While living here I was counting down the days until my lease was over.
That's the management speaking there. I left this place around 8 months ago and my views are completely different from that review. The staff is the worst part of this apartment. They would do nothing to help you. When I went had to renew my lease, I asked them to renew it for another 8 months. They said it can be done only for 1 year. Later after some discussion they agreed that they would do it 8 months for extra rent. They prepared the lease extension agreement and I signed it. I checked only the amount while signing the agreement and didnt check the duration. I believed in them. After 7 months when I went there to give the notice for vacation, they showed me the lease extension where the duration was 1 year and not 8 months. They tricked me. When I tried to remind her about the conversation about the 8 months extension, she denied that she had any such discussion. I couldnt bear that place anymore after that and since I got a job in a new city and they were ready to reimburse my lease breakage, I broke the lease agreement to pay $3000. That place sucks. For those who are already there, please read your agreement completely before signing it. Do not believe in the management there. They are a bunch of idiots sitting there to do nothing but to trap new tenants. AGAIN... DO NOT GO FOR THIS APARTMENT UNLESS YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYOTHER PLACE TO STAY... IM SURE THAT THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE ALL FROM MANAGEMENT.

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