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I don't know anything about roaches or broken elevators because I didn't even get a chance to see the apartment.

But one thing that I know is that those people in the fancy office are stuck up, two faced, inconsiderate and unstable people!!!

It all started two weeks ago when I saw their ad on craigslist. One of our friend recently moved in the Chadwick weeks before that and we didn't hear any complaints so we decided to go check this place out. We called the number on the ad, verified the special that they were doing and they told us to come in. It was pretty late hours so we went the next morning. This girl Ishma was helping us, she was so sweet and receptive. But she was giving us different price from the AD... I just thought that was really weird.. when I confronted her about it she says the night crews don't know anything, their numbers are wrong.. Night crew?? it was round 5:30 when I called and their office hours are 9 to 6. OKAY!! FALSE ADVERTISING??

But the deal was still good so we decided to check out the apartment anyway. Even though they switched the numbers around we decided to keep them on our list of possible apartment to move in. A week passed, now we only had a week to decide and move, I saw another ad by Chadwick giving a better special so I decided to give them a call. The guy named Jim says he can give us even better deal from the AD if we come in. So we went, Ishma was waiting for us, again. She remembered us from the past week and started giving us different price from what I heard over the phone...?? Irritated, I told her why do you guys keep switching numbers? The person I spoke over the phone said he'll give us a good deal if we come in.. and you are giving me numbers from last week!!?? After I said that she was in her "DEFENSIVE MODE" talking in her rude tone of voice as if I tried to attack her..

She said, "The guy you spoke to was the regional manager and he CAN give you guys a good deal, not me." "
Okay!! then let me talk to him, I said, he was sitting two seats back knowing that I came for the "good deal" he didn't say anything until Ishma and I raised our voices.

At the end we did get a good deal from other tenants. I told her that we'll be moving on the coming Saturday and I put a hold deposit on the room that day and Ishma said the room will be ready to view by Tuesday..

Tuesday came and she called saying she cannot show us the room because she's not in the office.. Thursday will be good.

Not giving us much choice of looking for other options. We were running out of time to look for apartment and we were pretty much sold on that apartment (the demo one that is) We just have to see the room that we are renting and sign the contract.

Thursday came and Ishma wasn't calling.. I called 3 times and all three times some other girl answers saying Ishma is busy. I finally spoke to her and she says to come in at 6pm to view the apartment. I left work a little bit early to make time. At 5:45 the manager of the Chadwick office calls saying the room is NOT READY.... WTF?????????????????????????????????????????

what.. did you just find out that the room is not ready?? I spoke with Isha and her tone of voice was already a different person. She said the maintenance of the room is not finished.. I'm suppose to move in two days later!!! so I asked, calmly, when do you think it will be ready? the answer was.. I don't know, Monday the earliest? I can let you know tomorrow morning.

?? Monday?? Do you expect me to live on the street until you guys are ready?? they could've just told me that on Tuesday when they were supposed to so we would've looked for other options...they had to wait until the last minute, 15min before I was suppose to view the room.

I was so astounded at their service and at her attitude!! My boyfriend was next to me and he even said I should've said some mean stuff back at her IF SHE GAVE ME A CHANCE!! she was going on and on trying to defend herself, I think the management puts her on this spot frequently and she's trained to deal with situations in this way.

She says she's only human and can make mistakes and she already apologized for the mistake so if I can't deal with the situation she'll cancel the whole thing and hung up on me. HUNG UP ON ME! What kind of customer care does this? I called back giving her some time to cool down and asked her if I can pick up my 99 dollar holding deposit check at the office, she said she can shredd it but at this point I couldn't trust anything that comes out from that filthy mouth of hers. I went to the office and she had my check on the desk, I was looking for the receipt of the holding deposit where it had my signature, phone #, etc. Because I didn't want them to have my information. but she said she needs it to cancel me... WHATEVER... i didn't want to deal with her anymore so I left.

Now i'm stuck with one day to look for an apartment. I know it's not the end of the world, and we WILL find a better apartment than Chadwick..

I heard some people are starting a lawsuit against them. GOOD LUCK!! I know and believe that the truth will win...

Chadwick, if you are reading this, you'll probably know that you guys really put me in a bad situation. and I know and understand that ---- happens, but you didn't had to be so ----- to me. I've never had anyone speak to me that way so i'm kind of taking this seriously. I'm glad that I didn't get stuck with you guys for any time. But I'm going to make sure that my friens who are living there will leave after their lease is done. And make sure that I will post this on other forums, such as radioKorea, yeah the place where many of your korean tenants fell for your false advertisements.

Last Updated: 06/05/09
The Ish is still here. I know you are not exaggerating because we had the same astounding treatment. Like a volcano looking for a reason to explode, I don't know why anyone would choose to work with people who is so easily irritated by them. Jekyl and Hyde?
I am really sorry this happened to you. You are correct; they are the rudest people you will ever see. That is why most tenants have NO respect for them.
Dont feel bad..you know what,its good that you didnt end up signing a contract.You will regret this place.I am moving to another apartment once my lease is up...All reviews here are correct. Like broken elevators,roaches,etc.I am sick and tired of this apartment...TO CHADWICK ---> YOU GUYS SUCKS!!!

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