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We have lived in two different apartments here; the grounds and inside of the apartments look nicer and newer than a lot of the other complexes in Oceanside. However, be careful about pricing when you sign your lease!! Last year, for the A2 model, we paid in the 1400's... then for the same model, this year, over 1600! I see that they now have the same model going for 1296 for a year lease! It is absurd how much their prices vary for the SAME unit!

I was in the office picking up a package a few weeks ago and heard a new tenant signing a lease for a 2 bed/2 bath for what we pay for 1 bed/1 bath. The office staff will tell you that their prices are constantly changing! I understand some changes, but a $400 price difference a month for the same 1 bed/1 bath unit is not acceptable.

What really upsets me, however, is that they do not value loyal, good tenants. We have rented here twice and never had an issue. When our lease was coming up for renewal, they offered us a "special" for being good customers; $1500's to extend our lease when the SAME UNIT next door to us was renting for $100 less/month per their website.

It is a shame they do not reward good tenants and entice them to stay with better pricing! We have excellent credit (office staff's words when we signed the lease) and were repeat customers and were paying almost $400 more per month than other tenants in the same style unit. Unacceptable.

We are happy to be moving and getting more for our money elsewhere!

Last Updated: 01/04/12

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