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I have lived at Chesapeake Commons for 3 years. I only moved here because my home was foreclosed upon and Chesapeake was the only place in the area that would accept me at the time. Low income families are allowed to live here. Sometimes 6-8 people live in one 2 bedroom unit. My car has been broken into and my rims have been stolen. I had a peeking Tom looking through my bathroom window one morning-who fled the scene once discovered (If you check Meganslaw.com you will find 4 registered sex offenders ho reside here). The security who only patrol at night, does not patrol on foot-they only park in the complex at night in their security car when they should be walking around. The maintenance team does a poor job at fixing items. It sometimes takes multiple requests they come and resolve your request. Sometimes your maintenance request can be closed and you will never hear from them or you'll have to wait weeks before the issue is addressed. Pets are allowed and it is gross to see multiple huge dogs in these small apartments. Some of the owners allow the pets to use the restroom outdoors without cleaning up after them where babies and kids are expected to play. The apartments are not gated so there is a constant flow of people walking through. People from the boardering duplexes hop the back wall as they please. My neighbor's apartment was broken into in broad daylight while at work because the working class is mixed with the non working class and the non-working class will learn your work schedule (good thing for renter's insurance). Considering all of the above, and the fact there are over 500 units, the apartments are relatively quiet in terms of noise-but evil lurks-trust me. The management does not do enough to inspect the units and weed out bad apples. My final complaint I will voice is regarding the rent. The rent is too high. I expected with the recession and housing costs at all time lows the management team would reduce the rent at renewal or at least keep it the same-they do not. I pay $1020 for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment plus water-garbage-sewer plus renter's insurance. This is too much money for these apartments.

Last Updated: 12/20/09
The city of rancho cordova should be investigating these apartments.

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