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Churn Creek Village Apartments
3700 Churn Creek Road, Redding, CA 96002
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Cockroaches all over apartment has been sprayed several times. Management is piss poor. They try to treat you like its your fault but excuse me ...obviously they have a serious problem, when i called they said they have a guy who does the spraying...hmmm...and i'm sorry its not just my apartment when you can see big fat cockroaches crawling around on the sidewalks in the apartment complex. There was a leak in my bathroom the ceiling created a bubble n it was leaking water through...had to call maintenance guy twice same day to even get him out all he says is well cant do anything about it til monday "but i told the upstairs people to use limited water til i get the part in so just cut a hole in the bubble if it gets big let it drain should just dry out"...a week later exactly, the whole corner above my toilet came down with water all over my bathroom. He came out and ripped the paint off cleaned up a little then said he couldn't do anything until monday said they didnt get the new part for their shower? so whatever gave them benefit of the doubt monday rolls around no word or call, nothing! Finally fed up because i couldnt even go to the bathroom without it dripping on me, this whole time i had a bucket out filling with water, also the most horrible rotting smell ever! I couldnt take it anymore i called thursday he finally came back out tore a hole in the ceiling underneath their bathtub...come to find out the leak is actually coming from their toilet!!! disgusting! this whole time toilet water is falling from the ceiling the stench is their toilet water ...n the ceiling board was soaked and stained just disgusting. Oh and guess what the maintenance guy says? "well i stopped the leak and so now i just gotta let it dry out and i'll be back in 2 days but if not call me in 4 days...so now here i am calling them on tuesday! Oh and yes they've sprayed the apartment for roaches but i'm no ------ I googled this to find out what I should do...they arent trying to fix the problem with the cockroaches they are just doing a lazy man's patch...if you dont spray the WHOLE building then sure spraying my apartment might get rid of them for a few months but guess what now the other 3 apartments have them and they'll just return when the spray wears off! I almost laughed my --- off when I saw they call themselves a premier apartment complex hahaha really? God help us all then.

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