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2 User Responses

Run away from this place as fast as you can. The management treats the tenants like pests. They usually just flick away any complaints. It usually begins with "I hadn't heard anything about that". They never resolve a problem. Pretty much any complaints or requests for repairs falls on deaf ears. Remember, "Don't judge a book by its cover". This applies to Bella Vista - as pretty as it looks - you will see the other side of living here is not so pretty. I moved here in June 2009 and can't wait to move out. Everyone suspects that the crimes (break-ins) are done either by people who live here or their friends that come over.

management has an answer to/for everything don't they? I was looking to move here but never mind.
Speak with the res reps and maintenance dept and they will get your requests taken cared of. It is unfair on their part if they do not know what you are referring to.Anyway,why must you wait if you are unhappy? You can always break your contract, pay the penalty and move-out sooner. I am sure you will come back to reside here like most do. BV still offer the better customer service. Crime happens everywhere, even in the most expnesive areas.Read the letter from the RPD Chief Chris Magnus dtd 9-14-09.

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