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Belfort Arms Apartments
3541 Whitney Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821
1 User Response

Total dump, and not taken care of. The maintenance guy, just the other night, was drilling in an apartment so loud at 10pm at night that a number of residents tracked him down to yell at him to stop. Keep in mind, this drilling could be heard in the entire wing, all the way up to the third floor.

Our dishwasher has been broken for months and they've never come by to fix it. The apartment is a good size, I will say that, but for the quality it isn't worth it. People smoke pot and it can be smelled all down the halls. I walk by some doors and hear MANY yapping little dogs that bark CONSTANTLY despite the owners posting a sign that claims no pets allowed. (I also see many large breeds being brought in and out.) The elevator hasn't been checked and had its permit renewed since 2011. It breaks down constantly. There is a homeless woman who often sleeps in the lobby. The elevator always has graffiti that they just halfheartedly paint over, and it smells like urine.

The office staff is rude and never in the office when they should be. They let large groups of young adults hang out in there when they are open, so it would be intimidating for a possible new resident to walk in. We were supposed to get an assigned parking spot and never were. There is NO visitor parking except for six spots out front where mostly tenants park anyway.

Belfort Arms needs to be either WAY cheaper, or completely gutted and redone so it looks less like a seedy motel. Unfortunately, they just UPPED the rent! I can't wait to get out of here.

This place was tolerable in the beginning but it is not even up to a slum standard. The hot water is non existent. Under 100° an hour ago. A health hazard, maintenance is non existent, I will call the appropriate agencies and am hiring an attorney. Stay away at all costs...breeding ground for Legionares Disease, have lived here for almost 2 years and can't get my move in repair requests done. The number listed on this site is wrong. Management is a joke and I have had enough. Looking for a new place to live and I will get legal remedies. This place is unsafe, disease infested, and managed by an untrained, useless money collector.

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