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Sierra Regency Apartments
2380 Sierra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95825
0 User Responses

its an alright place to live. The apartment manager kinda lies to you all the time about saying they fixed a problem in your apt. When there is something wrong with the apartment its like pulling teeth to get them to fix it. We have horrible windows and can literally feel the cold air rushing in and we have mold everywhere. Its kinda hard to find parking here too, definitely not enough parking spaces. We have had a lot of problems with robberies. People's houses and cars keep getting broken into. Our neighbor moved because their apt was broken into and the apt manager did nothing about it. The apt manager claims there is a "security guard" that walks around but there's not. We have also been having a problem with hot water. We have not had hot water for about 2 months now. In the wash houses, half the time the washer and dryers do not work and they steak your quarters and management does nothing to repair them or refund you at all. People take out your clothes too. Its a great location, right in the middle of everything. They really keep up on the landscape. its nice on the outside. They have a friendly staff and are constantly doing landscape work to keep the attractive outside. Its a nice community but the mold issue really bothers me a lot. This complex has a high turn over rate....overall its ok. its definitely not the greatest and we are moving out as soon as our lease is up, but its manageable to live here.

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