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Carmel Terrace Apartments
11540 Windcrest Lane, San Diego, CA 92128
2 User Responses

I came out to this site to take a look at the reviews for Carmel Terrace (CT) prior to my lease renewal, and was surprised at the number of negative reviews. Wow, from what I read, the parking is horrible, there are spiders everywhere, the staff is rude, it costs too much for the amenities offered, you can hear everything your neighbors are talking about and it takes maintenance forever to respond to work orders. Hmm.

I can't speak on all of the issues, but from past experience, I can say that CT did try to resolve the parking situation with assigned parking only to have mass complaints just days before the new program was to take effect. My neighbor asked about the spiders and management had the area sprayed within days, and each time I have put in a work order, the problem is resolved within one or two days - no different than if I called for repairs as a home owner (with the exception that I did not have to pay for those repairs). I have been fortunate that my car hasn't been broken into at CT, but it was broken into at my former apartment complex and I now take the extra time to ensure there is nothing valuable left in my car as a temptation. I haven't had a lot of interaction with staff, but when I do, I haven't noted any rudeness but rather quite the opposite; they have been helpful and quick to respond.

I realize that leasing within a large complex community certainly can deprive us of privacy and quiet serenity, but they are apartments after all. Close quarters will result in more noise. There has been too much noise on occasion, but I haven't noticed trouble with safety on the grounds or in my apartment.

The grounds are nicely landscaped and the pools are clean. My only complaint about the pools is that I note several people on the weekends proppping the pool gates open and I worry about the safety of kids in the complex. The surrounding area is all that I need to maintain my apartment and car and job. I can walk to most shops or the movies.

I'm not trying to win friends and influence anyone with my comments. And I am not without concern - my biggest being the cost of living at CT. It is expensive and there seems to be a lot of little charges that add up to more than I intended to pay; however, I am here now and will monitor the costs and increases in rent, pet rent, water, etc. just as I'm sure all of you do also. If it gets too expensive, I have the option of leaving. Otherwise, it really isn't that bad...is it?

Can you elaborate on the "parking situation?" My lease will be up in a few months and I'm considering this complex. Does the situation deal w/ the shared/common/visitor parking, the garaged parking, or both?
My husband and I used to live in Carmel Terrace and we had a problem with spiders, but I will say that this has been a massive problem throughout San Diego. My parents rent a home in SD and they've had the same issue with a seemingly large number of spiders as compared to previous years. When we called, the staff did set up an appointment for us to have our balcony sprayed, so I give them credit there. And I'd also like to comment that as for the price, if you look around, it's not too bad compared to other places. Finding a "cheap" apartment in San Diego is like finding a "cheap" BMW. You take the lesser of the evils, but none of them are outstanding. Just my opinion!

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