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Greenfield Village
5540 Ocean Gate Lane, San Diego, CA 92154
2 User Responses

I have been living hear for two years, and I hate this apartment. I have found a rattle snake in my apartment, and several residence were attacked by a swarm of bees last week, inside of the apartment building. The leasing office took one of my parking slots, and now we have no place to park. We are forced to park in the loading zone, or scramble to get a parking spot every night. The noise from my upstairs neighbors keeps me up daily, and the office will not do anything about it. My advice to anyone thinking of moving here, is dont do it. There is dog crap all over the green belt area, and the security guards are a joke.

If you really hate it then why not just pay the 1 month and leave? I think its standard for them to charge a one month fee because I've seen it everywhere else I've rented. Their must be something keeping you there for 2 years...
I agree with what you are saying When you cook there is no ventilation or windows to let the smell out of the apartment, if you open the door while you are cooking the alarm will go off. Looks can be deceiving, it looks nice due to gymn and pool and brand new building but if you have allergy like me and my husband, we cannot cook inside the apartment, we do it in the patio or go out to eat because of the smell of the food. They have put a water meter in each unit without explanation why. I dont know it this is good or bad. If you have snake in your apartment, I bet there are some too in other apartments Oh my goodness, I can't wait till I get out in 5 months. I ask the office if I break the lease and I was told I have to pay 1 months rent to break the lease. I just have to wait 5 months and I am counting. Thanks for your story.

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